"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Saturday, 17 September 2011

what do you think of this list?

I found this list from an old email the other day.  "HOW TO COPE WITH STRESS AND BE HAPPIER".  We all have stress and we all want to be happy - what do you think of these:-

1.  Get up 15 minutes earlier

Great idea and I must get around to re-setting the alarm.  Winter we kind of wake up when it is light - the other morning it was 7.20.  So from Monday up at 6 again (if the weather is OK, otherwise what is the point?).

2.  Prepare for the morning the night before.

Not one for my list. Michael knows what he is going to be wearing before he gets out of bed.  Me, sometimes still not sure as I am going out of the door and running back to change my shoes/top/jersey.

3.  Don't rely on your memory - Write things down.

Getting there too.  But never one for lists and when I do have one, I usually leave it in the car.

4.  Repair things that do not work properly.

Tick - put a battery in the lounge clock today.  More like throw things away that do not work - is it worth fixing anything these days?

5.   Always make copies of important papers.

Will tick soon.  Need 2 sets though.  Always seem to have copies of the boys id's at home and not at work.

6.  Smile more

I try, promise

7.  Be prepared for rain

Silly one - nothing better than getting caught in a downpour - others may not agree.

8.  Avoid tight fitting clothes.

Oooops - all my clothes are tight at the moment.  

9.  Take a bubble bath

Not in my top 100 things to do - the bath, not the bubbles (like those in a glass)

10.  Believe in you


11.  Visualise yourself winning

What?  Definitely not a race.  What do I want to win?  Okay - the lotto.  Best start buying tickets again.

12.  Develop a sense of humour

Where?  How?

13.  Stop thinking tomorrow will be a better day

Bit daft, this one but get the drift

14.  Say hello to a stranger

Easy enough

15.  Look up at the stars

Will do, sky lovely and clear today

16.  Practice breathing slowly


17. Strive for excellence, NOT perfection

This one needs some thought - I kind of think they are pretty similar.  No?

18.  Learn a new doodle

Funny how our doodles are always pretty much the same.  I have a thing with arrows, curling arrows, straight arrows, large points, small points.   All the pads on my desk have arrows pointing in every direction.  Explains why I am "all over the place" (never thought of that before).

19.  Know your limitations and let others know them too.

Okay, 1 and half bottles (ice cold sauv blanc) is my limit.  Get silly after that.  Remember that, please (in case I forget).

20.  Clean out one closet

Oh my word, I am so up on this one.  Cleared out my entire kitchen today (about 12 cupboards and shelves).  Gave Janette (charlady) bags of stuff from the Tupperware cupboard (I HATE THAT CUPBOARD).  I went out and bought a whole set - 25 containers with lids - all the same colour (blue unfortunately) and different sizes.  So all new and neat for now.  A raid at Albion Road of Nic's cupboard would be very interesting.

21.  Take a different route to work.

I do mix it up a bit  - Claremont bridge or Newlands bridge.  Don't know how this is going to make me less stressed or more happy.  Dodging traffic not my best and I am one of the lucky ones who only needs 6 minutes to get to office (15 on a really bad day).

22.  Leave work early (with permission)

This is a cute one.  Michael was not at office on Friday afternoon and our other partner threw us all out at 4.06 because he wanted to leave (I told him that Michael had not left his keys for me and when I got into the car, silly me, there they were).  I arrive at work 15 minutes late (with permission) and being married to the boss is not always to your advantage when it comes to leaving the office.

23.  Remember you always have options

Profound.  Nice one for a friend of mine.  We know a guy,  nicknamed "Options" but whether my friend has had him or not is up for debate!!  Sorry a bit obscure but comes from the South African habit of saying "Thank you for having me" and a very quick answer from another friend "I have not had you yet!!"

24.  Get enough sleep

Easier said than done.  About to resort to drugs, very soon. 

25.  Praise other people

Well done

26.  Share

Not really on the list but had to find a way to drop this photograph in to share with my followers (sorry 3 male followers).  It took my breath away.  Isn't it just the most gorgeous baby you have ever seen?  Who are they?   

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