"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 17 February 2012

how to look like ryan gosling and other stuff

This video amused me this week.  "How to look like Ryan Gosling" from YouTube which went viral this week.  Pretty good.

So Valentine's week is over (thank goodness).  It is not a grinch kind of thing but it has never grabbed me. Maybe because I have never had a man in my life who got all romantic over Valentine's Day, but I don't think so.  Well, except my first boyfriend who was a wunderkind with cards and letters (and gifts) and when I was 16 years old he wrote poems about our future together and what we would name our children (scary canary - remind me to tell you about my first love sometime) but I was only with him for one Valentine's day, so does that really count?   In fact his box of poems and letters is still around (not 100% sure where it is now but my mother guarded it for me for many years and moved the box from house to house when she moved, then she had had enough so it moved into Albion Road with me - after all there are a few good photographs of me in the albums (so cannot be destroyed).  Perhaps I should seek it out but it was probably burnt and thrown out after the fire at Albion Road a couple of years ago (perhaps it caused the fire!!).

Heart shaped chocolates are now all on sale at Woolworths so get in quickly before Lent (when some people give up chocolate or bread or wine until Easter when they go crazy on Easter eggs and hot cross buns and wine - hello Gill and Lesley).  So the fact that I can probably count on one hand the number of Valentine's cards I have received in my life (actually 3) does not mean that I cannot pretend to be romantic.  I am not really sure where this post is going but I was thinking about Michael and him watching Ghost (on his own on Valentine's night).  Actually, there was a romantic moment while he watched on his own and I sat on the computer.  He came down the passage (perhaps for another beer) and serenaded a couple of lines of  "Oh my love, my darling, I've hungered for your touch..........."  to me.   My most romantic movie which, like most other woman, must be The Notebook.  OMW who would not want to be kissed in the rain like that!!  That sold it to me, forget the storyline.   But what is actually the attraction to Ryan Gosling?
Thin lips, small deep set eyes, face a tad too thin.  You also don't really ever see his teeth (I like teeth) and I also don't like guys who wear hats and caps (except when the sun is shining and you risk getting a sunburned nose) or who wear those signet rings on their fingers (only a wedding band for me).  Amazing how you remember some of the things your grandparents taught you.  My grandfather once told me never to trust a man who wears a signet ring - a lot of nonsense really but I always remember it.  He also once told me, and I forget the context of the conversation but it was probably about some relation of ours being "high and mighty".  "She must remember, even the Queen's bum smells like a bum".  He was a beaut, old Pa Carlson.

Back to the Gosling dude  - is it the facial hair?
I prefer the facial hair.
We are getting there eventually.  I am starting to understand better but why the frown (admit it, you did not notice the frown and had to go back and look for the frown?)
The Notebook
My understanding, however STOPS RIGHT HERE.  

As Cher once sang - "It's in his kiss" in the Schoop Schoop song - remember?  I have to agree with her.  Ryan Gosling can get away with close-set small eyes, thin lips (and face) and even wear a stupid hat - (not sure I could cope with a ring though) - and make the Top 10 Hot Film Star List (just because of one kiss).

And then before we get too romantic about things, here is something to remind us that we must never believe everything we hear, even if said by Ryan Gosling.
From a great blog.  Take a look.

Last point - Doesn't Ryan remind you a wee bit of Dave Annable (Justin from Brothers and Sisters)?

Actually I think Dave is better looking (but he can't really act - but are we talking about acting?)

Ryan or Dave?  Rain or Pool?  Water or Grass?  Blue sky or Orange?  

Time to go, before I get locked up (or excommunicated by my sons).

Enjoy your weekend.  Red or White?  Sushi or Pizza?

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