"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 29 September 2011

silly little me

i sometimes think about
the silly things i used to think and do when i was young
i remember way back to when i was small enough to
have piggy backs and asking my dad if the
freckles on his back were there because he
ate too many post toasties
he loved to eat post toasties with sliced banana
and the freckles on his shoulders were as big as a post toastie
(with no banana)
woman and man holding little girl on shoulders kissing on...
and then i remember at aged about 5 or 6
thinking that the songs
on the radio were people in the radio, behind the speakers
singing and speaking to you and i did not
understand where they went to when you switched them off
(we had one of those huge cabinet type "music centres" - i think
ours, like the one below had a space for a "booze cabinet" in it - vintage stuff)
i remember every time that "red rubber ball" song
came on i ran to my bedroom to fetch my ball and 
i held it in front of the radio and bounced
it on the kitchen table
when the line
"the morning sun is shining like a red rubber ball"
i would sing it loudly
while holding the ball next to my cheek
convinced that the singers could see my actions
(and ask me to join their band)

(just looked it up - sung by quite a few artists including the seekers
and cilla black, but this is the version i remember
the cyrkle - 1966 - sorry 7 years old - could i have been so
silly at 7??  probably)

i remember dalene and i walking to sunday school with the money for
the collection plate in my purse
dalene and i would have a plan and split the collection money,
half we would hide in a fire hydrant on the main road
near the sorrento cafe
we would split the other half and put it in the collection plate
then, after church, if the money was not taken by someone poor and needy
while we were at church
(it hardly ever was, it was too well hidden)
we would take that as an omen to mean that we could
buy ourselves some liquorice shoelaces,
we would eat them on the way home and be caught out
by our mother because our mouths were black

i remember our favourite game when we were
about 10 and 12
it was called "stewies" (students)
dalene was sylvia (my mom's glamorous friend)
and I was geraldine (a second cousin from Zimbabwe who lived
with my granny over the road who was really a student at uct)
we seriously loved those names
and we would sit in my mother's little grey simca and pretend
we were driving off to the beach or to varsity and
talk the biggest lot of nonsense to each other

(i promise you, this could have been our car - only dark grey)

i remember around the same age taking a whole months worth of pocket money
to a family outfitter shop in mowbray and buying
ourselves each a bra
(we told the lady it was for our twin cousins)
blue and white gingham checks with a daisy in the middle
Highland Fling

(not really but you get the idea)

another time we spent our pocket money at the pet shop
in mowbray
and bought ourselves the cutest ducks
17 and a half cents each
we put them in the bath but when my granddad heard
them quacking in the morning we had to
take them back to the pet shop
(we got our money back as well)

quack quacks for cheap cheap

main road rosebank, the cinerama and savoy cafe (sorrento cafe was on the
 next corner where kentucky is now)

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