"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

the week that is all but over

As I have said before it seems like yesterday was Sunday evening and now tomorrow is Thursday.  Sunday night, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Thursday.

However this week, although it has been busy has been documented.  So some pictures and explanations to share.

It started on Monday with Janey bringing her granddaughter to office to meet us all

Hello Carly - 3 months old and very cute

Shoes for Amy
Amy has her outfit planned and sorted for the wedding.  She has been looking for shoes.  While out at lunchtime yesterday (Tuesday - OMW there is a Tuesday!!) I came across these and had to buy them for her.  She had specific requirements - had to be a wedge, had to be fairly high and had to be "taupe" to go with the slightly greenish dress she is wearing.  Very chuffed that she liked them and she visited briefly last night and paraded around with them on like she walked in shoes like that everyday of her life.
Garden in September
Have been sorting out stuff in the garden every evening this week.  Such a pity that the weather was not great 2 weeks ago when the Clivia and the Pride of Madeira (above) was at it's best.  Usually Clivia are at their best in October but mine are already past their best.  But the weather has been great which makes for getting busy in the garden in the evening a total pleasure.
These are my favourite.  They last for ages (I can't even remember when I planted them) and they have that delicate look which goes so well with the lavender.
Cape May
First time I have flowers on the Cape May in 4 years.  They must have heard me saying that they were on their last warning.  FIFO (flower or ....).  I do speak sternly to them at times.
White lavender
I bought 4 bushes at a market last year and they have just done nothing.  Suddenly they have doubled in size and are sporting white blooms (the lady did not lie about the colour, I was beginning to doubt her).  I love Spring!!
Jenny's supper
Woolies have their steak on special.  An absolutely delicious supper on Tuesday night (it has a night too).  I went for the healthy option without Chippies chips (I have decided that life is too short to fry your own chips (and clean the pot)).   How pretty is the salad?  Pick n Pay - Sweet Summer Leaves and Michael  had the chips option.  (Gareth and Nic, you were invited!!)
Michael's plate

This is Robyn-Leigh (Janey's daughter)
I have to write a whole post on this story next week.  In a nutshell, she is Janey's estranged daughter who came to our offices this morning to see her mother.  It is a long and sad story so I have to get all my facts straight but she is the most delightful 17 year old who is about to write matric.  Remember I have introduced you to Janey before.
Mother and Daughter
Mid-week break - A picnic for lunch at Kirstenbosch today
When Nic was little we had a playgroup.  4 moms, 4 children once a week for tea (we were so boring in those days - OK suppose it was in the morning and wine would not have been the right thing to do) which developed into a playgroup where we each had a day to have all 4 children.  We are still great friends and see each other regularly.  However it is not that easy to get the children together.  Donne, Judy's daughter is in Cape Town at the moment, Judy has been on long leave from teaching and is about to return, so we had to organise lunch before she returned.   Nic had a break in lectures and joined us and it was so wonderful to catch up in the beautiful surroundings.  Ginny produced an awesome spread (which she always does), a gourmet angel fish salad, breads and pate (Sorry I only remembered I had my camera later on or I would have shown you the food).  She also produced an "experiment" of a cake.  Orange and chocolate marbled which was delicious.
Donne, Ginny, Nic and Judy
We missed Philip (Ginny's son), Nikki and Jeffrey.  Next time.  Thanks Ginny.

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