"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

i've resorted to drugs

After more than a month of very little sleep, things started winding down last week and, for some reason or other, I was still not sleeping.  
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This is all well and good for a lot of the time, but when you get to that really overtired state and you still do not sleep, you need help.  Well I did.

Michael will argue that I fall asleep faster than anyone else he knows (well I certainly hope so!!).  That is not really the issue.  I wake up every hour or so, look at the clock, toss turn, go to the toilet.  I started a little system of my own for counting the number of times I go to the toilet by tearing off one square of paper and placing it next to the basin every time I go.  Averaging about 6 squares every morning, neatly stacked next to the basin. Now this is a bit of a vicious circle as I only go to the toilet because I am tossing and turning and thinking that perhaps I am tossing and turning because I need to go to the toilet.  Is the tossing and turning causing my bladder to toss and turn?  Does this make sense?  Well come this last Sunday I was pretty desperate for a good night's sleep and en route to take Granny home we stopped at Wynberg Pharmacy to buy some cough mixture for her and to purchase the highly recommended little blue box of little blue pills for me.
Somnil Sleeping Capsules - 24 Capsules
Wynberg Pharmacy on the Main Road is a dreadful place to visit on a Sunday afternoon.  Firstly Sundays and Main Roads just kind of give you that "No Feeling", deserted shops, the litter lying around  from Saturday's end of month shopping extravaganza, the wedding brigade in the gardens and lonely prostitutes parading on corners hoping for a quick buck.  When we got there, I jumped out of the car into the middle of a serious bergie female cat fight.  I managed to get across the very busy road and told the nearly 8ft Nigerian security guard at the door of the chemist that he should do something.  He gave me a lazy shrug.  Don't think he is much into Main Road Sundays either.

Straight to the long prescription queue with parents with sick and snotty babies waiting for attention and luckily for me, it did not take that long to get my little stash and leave the depressing premises (not before giving the miserable 8ft security guard a friendly smile).

Sunday night was fast approaching and I was all excited about this lovely night's sleep that awaited me.  It took me only one night and one tablet to work out how this drug works.  It sucks the moisture out of your eyes to such an extent that you cannot open them.  Not at all.  Your eyes are so dry that your lids feel as though they have been super-glued to your eyeballs.  I slept pretty well though and soon forgot about the dryness, thinking it was probably a problem with my eyes.

Last night was the second test.  I took the tablet at around 9, watched a previously recorded episode of Graham Norton (all the while struggling to keep my well moisturised eyes open).  10.30 in bed and asleep. Slept very well.  Alarm had not gone off, so I thought I had better check the clock.  Heaven forbid, I could not open my eyes.  The lids were even more severely dried and stuck to my eyeballs than yesterday.  I lay on my back, forcing them to open, when I had a thought.  What about a little drop of spit in the corner of each eye?  Sorry it sounds gross but it was worth a try.   Oh dear, herein lies the next problem, my tongue was now glued to the roof of my mouth and there was not a drop of spittle to be found.  My tongue was so dry that it had cracked down the middle.  I had to get to the bathroom, turned on the tap and tried to drink.  The cold water took about 3 minutes to eventually soften my hardened, dried out tongue and moisten my mouth.

This drug needs further investigation, so this morning I looked up the "Side Effects and Special Precautions":-

The most common side-effect is sedation (THAT IS THE SIDE EFFECT, I AM LOOKING FOR, SILLY), varying from slight drowsiness to deep sleep (DEEP SLEEP, SEDATION, THAT'S WHAT I AM LOOKING FOR, STUPID), and including lassitude, dizziness and in-coordination (PREPARED TO ACCEPT THESE TOO IF SEDATION AND DEEP SLEEP IS FORTHCOMING).

Other side-effects include gastro-intestinal disturbances such as nausea (CAN TAKE A VALOID), vomiting (A SECOND VALOID), diarrhoea (IMODIUM) or constipation (PRUNE JUICE), anorexia (I WISH) or increased appetite (THAT WOULD BE A PROBLEM BUT I WOULD FIRST HAVE TO BE ABLE TO OPEN MY EYES TO BE ABLE TO FIND MY WAY TO THE FRIDGE, ONCE  I GOT THERE, WHAT WOULD I DO WITH MY HARD AND DRIED OUT TONGUE - ICE CREAM!!!!) and epigastric pain (SOUNDS HORRIBLE, MAYBE THAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THE ICE CREAM).

Doxylamine succinate may also produce antimuscarinic effects (THIS MEANS SUCKING UP ALL THE MOISTURE IN YOUR EYES AND MOUTH) including blurred vision (IF YOU ARE LUCKY ENOUGH TO BE ABLE TO OPEN YOUR EYES TO TRY TO SEE HOW BLURRED YOUR VISION REALLY IS), difficulty in micturition (THINK THIS MEANS "WEEING" THIS SIDE EFFECT WOULD ALSO BE A BONUS FOR ME), dysuria (WHAT DOES THIS MEAN SISTER HELEN?), dryness of the mouth (YOU HAVE TO EXPERIENCE THIS TO BELIEVE IT) and tightness of the chest. Other central effects include hypotension, muscular weakness, tinnitus, euphoria (COOL, I LOVE EUPHORIA) or depression, headache, irritability and nightmares (DREAMING YOU ARE IN A DESERT WITH ONLY WILLARDS SALT AND VINEGAR CHIPS TO EAT).

Paradoxical central nervous system stimulation may occur with insomnia (THIS DOES NOT MAKE SENSE FOR A SLEEPING TABLET TO CAUSE INSOMNIA), nervousness, tachycardia, tremors and convulsions.

Doxylamine succinate should not be taken during pregnancy, nor whilst breastfeeding (CAN YOU IMAGINE THAT POOR HUNGRY BABY IN THE MORNING TRYING TO SUCK ANY MOISTURE OUT OF HIS MOTHER??)
Allergic reactions and cross-sensitivity to related medicines may occur.
Blood disorders, including agranulocytosis, leucopenia and haemolytic anemia have been reported.

SCARY CANARY.  However, I think the 2 good nights sleep were worth it.  My eyes are now blinking properly and after 3 cups of tea (and Jan's birthday cake) my tongue is back to normal.  I am prepared to try it for the third night tonight (WATCH THIS SPACE).
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Noseweek would be proud of me.  On looking for a picture of my new miracle tablet for this posting, I found this site.  Click here.  Can you believe that expats can be so ripped off?  I paid the grand sum of R28-00 for 24 tablets and they are wanting R295 for the same pack!!  Have a look what they are charging for Corenza C and Disprin.  How can people get away with charging these prices? Perhaps they are over the counter addictive types of tablets that South African addicts in London would pay this much money for.  Just wrong.

Monday, 28 November 2011

lessons from your first stories and books

I am having internet problems at home at the moment and have been busy with new ideas for the new blog.  Getting very excited to see it in it's early stages and I am sure you are going to love it.  Gareth is very clever and full of bright ideas (until he has to sit down with me and teach me how to do it, step by step).

I hope I have not worried too many of my followers but I had a couple of concerned calls and emails about my "resorting to drugs" posting.  Fay was so concerned about me and those little blue pills (she once fed one to her husband and he slept for 12 hours!!) that she was ready to deliver to my door a "very safe and wonderful tablet" to take last night.  I had lots of questions about how I slept last night and "No", I did not take another one (the other 2 are still in my system).  My mother (an expert on insomnia) was also horrified that I tried the "little blue job".  "Jen, go and see the doctor and get a proper one".

Someone once said that "Everything I know in life, I have learnt from children's books".  Makes quite a bit of sense.  So now while sifting through my old drafts, I give you something to mull over for today and tonight.  I think they are awesome.

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I love Winnie the Pooh.

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The Little Prince..

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Ok, I am off to the movies now.  The new Brad Pitt one, Moneyball or something like that.  Will give you a report tomorrow.  

Sunday, 27 November 2011

saturday in pictures

The day started off light and bright and Amy and I headed out to collect our VIP guest, Hans from his hotel at Canal Walk.  Did you know that there was a fancy pancy hotel there?

The African Pride Crystal Towers Hotel and Spa

It took us a while to find it and negotiate some serious N1 traffic, forgetting it was the end of the month and, for some unexplained reason people enjoy shopping in hoards. Crazy.

We collected Dalene and Kelly and then headed for Hout Bay to the Harbour Market

My first visit and I was very impressed, although pretty touristy the food hall and stalls were very vibey and with the live music playing it was a great place to spend the morning.

Have breakfast

and support Nic who is selling beer on weekends during his vac (that is what "students" do)
A bit early to drink beer with breakfast but we did share a very refreshing Witbier with herbs (different and very nice).
Nic took Amy behind the counter, showed her how to pour a draft in the
hope that she would incur a few more sales (it worked)
There was biltong and samoosa's on sale so Kelly was sorted out as well

And then it was time to head to Kathy for our Thanksgiving lunch.  The grey clouds had now blown over but that did not spoil our fun
She had made a Thanksgiving tree with pictures of us all decorated on the it

Her lovely courtyard garden
The stunning wire tree on Kathy's wall

Turkey, chicken, delicious stuffing, potatoes, salad
(sorry I got caught up in the eating and forgot to take more pictures)
Dalene and Chezzi (posing)
 and Hayley was there
and "the married one" and his bride arrived with crayfish and tuna
(which became supper)
And I forgot to take more pictures.  Others arrived, Gareth and Matthew, Caroline (with ice), Kathy's friend Franzi and niece Carmen and Nic arrived after work, and Tom after bowls and Mike after golf.

And I did manage to get one picture of our "Guest of Honour" and new best friend, Hans.
Hans had made the most beautiful photograph coffee table book of his photographs for Dave and Lucie of the wedding for their wedding present.  So we oohed and aaahed and told stories of the wedding and guests who misbehaved (and who behaved), we laughed and skinnered and completed the wedding post-mortem.  It was the first time we have had time with Dave and Lucie since the wedding, so it was a really great afternoon (evening and night).

When Dalene and Hans started dancing to "Achey Breakey Heart", I knew it was time to leave.  She never forgets her dance moves and was trying to get us all to dance around Kathy's kitchen table doing the Achey Breakey steps.

A crazy child.  We let her out at times like this because no matter how much fun she has, she cannot leave without tidying up the house and even soaking the dishcloths in Jik (just like Granny Carlson (but she only cleaned up and did not have as much fun)).   As we drove off, I spied Kathy with the big black bag of crayfish shells crossing the road to find a neighbour's bin to dispose of the waste.

That's what friends are for!!!  Thanks so much Kathryn, you are a most special friend.

Saturday, 26 November 2011

when last did you have a swim in the ocean?

My old faithfuls may remember the posting I did about my love of lyrics and my wonderful singing voice (not).  If not, click here.  Also if you have now just read that post and you have not been with me since the very beginning you will note that that came from my ts eliot, no capitals phase. (You were right Gareth and Janet, it did not look as cool as I thought it was at the time).

I amuse myself when I don't really have a real topic to write about and suddenly ts eliot pops up (when I read through this old post) and it is very relevant to what I am now about to write.  Sorry if I am losing you here - it is 6 am in the morning and I did not sleep very well last night.

Yesterday I played Afternoons and Coffeespoons to Michael.  I am trying hard to get you excited about my up and coming changes (in a subtle way).  It is a song by the Crash Test Dummies and one of my all time favourite CD's (which of you 3 boys has stolen it?)

This is Afternoons and Coffeespoons.  Take a listen.
"Afternoons And Coffeespoons"

What is it that makes me just a little bit queasy?
There's a breeze that makes my breathing not so easy
I've had my lungs checked out with X rays
I've smelled the hospital hallways

Someday I'll have a disappearing hairline
Someday I'll wear pyjamas in the daytime

Times when the day is like a play by Sartre
When it seems a book-burning's in perfect order
I gave the doctor my description
I've tried to stick to my prescription

Someday I'll have a disappearing hairline
Someday I'll wear pyjamas in the daytime

Afternoons will be measured out
Measured out, measured with
Coffeespoons ans T.S. Eliot

Maybe if I could do a play-by-playback
I could change the test results that I will get back
I've watched the summer evenings pass by
I've heard the rattle in my bronchi...

So I love the title, the lyrics are fun but perhaps harping too much on getting old and sick (he has serious guilt issues about his smoking habits and the condition of his lungs, I think).  Whilst wearing pyjamas in the daytime is a wonderful rare treat for me, in this song it is more about being old and in a nursing home.  But we have to make our own interpretation of things sometimes.  Afternoons and Coffeespoons sounds comforting to me, pyjamas in the daytime also reminds me of weekend mornings or holiday times when you find yourself watering the garden in your pj's and sometimes forget that you are when you head out of the gate to water the verge.

Then while doing my investigations on the CTD and their lyrics another song kept coming into my mind.  Swimming in your Ocean.  This title has been on my mind because the title kind of connects me to Nicky Deacon (my lovely friend who died suddenly while on holiday in Namibia).  Nicky and I used to have lots of ocean swims together and one of our catch phrases if one of us was going off on holiday to the sea without the other was "Have a swim for me".  So while playing songs off YouTube the other evening I also felt like listening to Swimming in your Ocean.  Do you realise how many songs you think you know the words to and you don't?  This Brad Roberts (lead singer) is one crazy dude.  You have to watch this one and scroll down the lyrics while he sings.

When I'm sampling from your bosom 
Sometimes I suffer from distractions like 
Why does God cause things like tornadoes and train wrecks? 
When I'm swimming in 
When I'm swimming in your ocean 
Floating aloft on creams 
And scented lotions 
I can get pretty side-tracked 
I hope you'll understand 
When I kneel before you bounty 
Sometimes I wonder if there could be really 
UFO's that come from other planets 
And when you let me taste your fingers 
I take them like fruit and as I linger I 
Wonder if my seed will find purchase in your soil.

Hectic hey?  No wonder Gareth (who knows his lyrics) told me to do my homework first.  So Gareth, I have done my homework and Swimming in your Ocean is perhaps not an appropriate title for my ramblings.  Don't you love the song, words and video?  The lyrics don't need dissecting or any explanation (not here anyway), Dr Eve would have a field day with them. I love his honesty and the last line "I wonder if my seed will find purchase in your soil" - Beautiful.

Friday, 25 November 2011

conversations with gareth........

I mentioned some time ago about improving my blog, taking advice and listening to my knowledgeable son(s) and perhaps easing some of the frustrations I encounter when trying to upload pictures to this blog.  I can't tell you how many times I am uploading my pictures, can't wait any longer, leave the computer hanging, only to return and find the whole lot is lost.

Yesterday evening I was about to pack up at office and head home when I got caught in a BBM conversation with Gareth (getting pretty good on my fancy little WhiteBerry).  Gareth was also still at work and had been speaking to a guy who was helping him set up 2 new blog sites for himself.  For a Christmas present he is going get me up and running and sorted out with my own domain (how important that sounds), a new fancy site, pictures that slide and can be stored in a gallery and many other features that I have to read up on and study.  He assures me that it is not going to be difficult.  This is all very exciting and hopefully it will be up and running before Christmas.  Do you feel the excitement?

He wanted quick answers and gave me the name of the site to look at and where I had to choose a theme.  We went through a couple (he knew immediately the one that I would like best - but he had chosen that one (I think), so I had to pick another).  We eventually agreed on a very cool one which would suit my set-up and requirements perfectly.  Feeling it, yet?

Our "conversation" then went like this:-

G: This one is good because it has broad categories and headlines.
You'll get more clicks as people have to explore stories
J: Now the name?
G: Okay get a name.  Come now, think.  I've got a domain checker
J: I liked Afternoons and Coffeespoons (FROM CRASH TEST DUMMIES)
G: Well go for it - I like that one
J: But I am not that into coffee
Grey's my favourite colour (COUNTING CROWS - MR JONES)
G: Afternoons.co.za is available.  Afternoons and teaspoons?
J: What about Weddings and Wine?
G: Are you fully committed to this weddings thing?
Bit limited imho (IN MY HUMBLE OPINION)
Afternoons and teaspoons could go on and be a great name for a business,
wedding planner, coffee shop...mosaic supplier,
or you could be Afternoons and ts eliot - the way you love your capitals
J: OK will think about it
G: URL must be as short as possible but available.  Check your email.
I sent you the checker so you can see if it is taken or not.
J: mostlydaily.co.za - medaily.co.za - jennymous.co.za
All are available
G: No man
Super K#K
Silly is a euphemism
You don't apologise for how often you post or try and be apologetic
Kick some ass
Grow a pair
J: :)
G: Also you want people to tell other people about your site
How many people will stuff up jennymous, I don't even want to tell you
Most people can spell Afternoons though
J: OK still thinking.  snobbyramblings.co.za
G: Don't put yourself down - your posts are hardly snobby
J: I like the lyrics thing
G: You can see what I like!
Imagine the lovely spoon Bielle could design for you as a header
J: Ok - afternoonsandcoffeespoons.co.za
It is available as well
G: Can't bully you into it but there is also everything from afternoons to coffeespoons angle.
I can clearly remember rocking the Kadette to mmmmm mmmm mmmmm
OK heading off now - this dude knows his onions.
Will have to see about your old content and whether it can be brought across.
Not sure what will happen to your old stuff
J: We can just re-direct people and keep it open for a bit though?
G: Yeah for sure.  Keep it open forever
J: Love you.  Thanks for the help and encouragement
G: Cool.  I have just bullied you into a theme and a name.
HAHA.  Can't believe you though.....
J: You are not going to let me forget that one, are you?
G: theoliphant.co.za - that is me

To know him is to love him!!  And he never forgets a thing.

This morning he made Michael and I smile again.  He was obviously walking through the Cape Town Gardens on his way to work and snapped a picture of an albino squirrel for me to show to Michael.
Herein lies a story.  Michael and I had just started formally dating.  We had taken Rusty for a walk through RBHS and had seen two baby owls in a tree on the Oakhurst field (next to the swimming pool and the main rugby field).  We arrived home, pretty excited about seeing the baby birds and Michael after telling the whole story to the boys, asked Gareth (who was probably engrossed in the newspaper) if he had seen the baby owls (he had just returned from rugby practice on the next door field and there were plenty of people around, pointing and looking up at the tree while he was practicing).  Gareth, oblivious to the rarity of the sighting and as only Gareth in his deep, gruff voice can do, replied "NO, but I have seen an albino squirrel on that field".  Subject closed.

Perhaps you had to be there but it has become a family joke.

When Gareth returned earlier this year from a wonderful holiday at Londolozi he had so many stories to tell about lions mating, wild dogs and hyena fights and for Gareth (who is usually brief and to the point) it was an unusually detailed and animated conversation about the experience.  After listening to his tales, Michael, in his unobtrusive, dry way asked "Any albino squirrels?"

Stole some of his pictures off Facebook to illustrate my point.  He has a special way of capturing special moments.

Caption reads "Elephants do give a ...."

I love this one
and this one
and especially this one

I have an awesome weekend planned
Matt is on the road and coming home for a week
He will be here this evening
Can't believe that I have not seen him for months and now having all
the spoil of 2 visits in one month
Hans (Siobhan's husband) is in Cape Town for the weekend
he works for KLM
and could not wait to get back to spend more time with us!!
We are heading for the Hout Bay harbour market tomorrow morning
for breakfast 
and to buy some things for lunch and to see
Nic, the student (who is on holiday) and  
who now has a weekend job with the brewers at the market
and then Kathy is having a Thanksgiving lunch - late afternoon
(you did get the nod!!)
Dave (the married one) and Lucie (who used to be frightened of sharks) are diving 
up the West Coast in the morning
and coming back to Kathy with crayfish (and a tuna roast) and 
maybe Percy (aka Alastair, the other wedding singer) as well
and he can make Kathy swoon and 
Dalene giggle at his Beckham impersonation 
and there will be bubbles and wine
and the weather is going to be good
and Nic will come later
with his guitar

I have lots to be thankful for

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

da dum - da dum - da dum.................(big) drum roll....

Here we have it - the pictures you have been waiting for (and some you were not expecting).  Faye Turnbull, the photographer (who also assisted at Glenn and Nina's wedding in March) once again did a wonderful job.  I can't wait to see them all but for now, I cannot keep you waiting any longer so here we go:-
The tables were very simple.  We could not have anything as a centre piece because the food was being served on platters. Pretty Little Things were great.  A  more accommodating duo of Pia and Gerard you could not wish to find and their staff we also unobtrusive and efficient (good words hey?).  Each guest had their own small arrangement, candle and a miniature of either Amarula or Scotch.  Jenga blocks were used for the place name. Thanks to the lovely Bielle for her design and handwriting skills (she did invitations, all the blackboards, seating plan and place names).  Lucie's mum, Colette brought over tartan ribbon (their Douglas clan tartan) and the band of Douglas tartan on the napkin was the only colour on the tables.

Ginny's flowers.  The SA / Scottish combination - proteas and roses, yellowwood and oak.  There were two huge arrangements which we took to the church.  One for the alter and one at the entrance.

We  moved the couches and other seating to the outskirts of the tent.  Dalene had made small fleecy knee blankets for everyone.  These came in very handy as although it was a lovely day, once the sun went
down it  was rather chilly.
The lovely bride, nearly on her way
Mother of the bride and 3 bridesmaids ready to leave for the church

The Deacon and The Colonel

The Colonel - Definite winner of the "Best Dressed" male

The Prayer Girls - Kelly and Amy van Vlaanderen arriving at the church

Mr and Mrs Barber out for a stroll and a chat.  Lucie's dress was beautiful.
Enough chatting about nothing, let's head back to the party.............

....in a buggy
Where's Wally?  (Clue - Not in red stripes with a hat)
See, I was there!!
Mother of the Groom (my mommy), Alice (mum's friend) and Veronica (mum's sister and my godmother)
(Where were you Norma? Too early to be dancing on the table?)
Colette and Rauridh (Rory in South African) Rutherford.
The dessert table
Chocolate Concerto from Cassis and individual cakes for desserts.  The theme of combining the SA and Scottish tradition was carried through the menu as well - koeksisters, tablets (Scottish fudge in a way but nicer).
The two new mothers-in-law each received lovely flowers at the end of the evening from their new daughter and son (nice touch)

"The Balcony Kiss"
We forgot to take on the day, so took it the next day.  They did not want to dress up again.
The newlyweds had 2 mini-moons - 2 nights at the Cellars Hohenhort after the wedding (you have seen those pictures) and then off to Kagga Kamma last weekend once all the guests had left (in fact, they did not wait for all the overseas guests to leave or to wave goodbye properly to them either.  The Rutherfords nearly had to hire taxi's to get to the airport and Aimee, Lucie's twin who was the last to leave had to make sure the pool was clean and the lights were off!!).  Keen Beans but I am sure they are forgiven!!. You have to see these pictures (hope I am not going to be in trouble for releasing them). I should have perhaps checked that Hello magazine do not have sole rights!!

The lengths some girls will go for their men!!  How lovely is the dress?
With their new "baby" nicknamed "The Beast"
So there it is.  It is pretty damn difficult to get back into my boring real day job and probably next week life will return to normal.  I still have flowers and jam jars all over my house (going away this weekend did not help), I have to repack boxes and pack away vases, tea light holders, wash draping fabric, find homes for blackboards and poles and re-organise the garage.  Michael's brother Derek has been in town for 2 weeks visiting his mother and we have only had one car.  Thank goodness for that because we have no room for another car at the moment.  He leaves Cape Town tomorrow so heaven only knows what is going to happen to everything in the garage.  Best I get myself motivated.

Anyone know of anyone who needs help with another wedding?  I am available - but not on Saturday - we are planning a Thanksgiving lunch (Kathy's idea).  

A lunch to think about and give thanks for our friends, with a roast turkey (turducken I think we are having) and trimmings (and lots of bubbles - perhaps a bit of Buble as well - his new Christmas CD has just been released (sorry I do so enjoy him)).  I have found a recipe for a drunken pumpkin pie, so it promises to be good afternoon.  Pull in if you are in the area - 3 Upper Whelan Avenue (Kathy is very chilled and if you hide behind a bottle of bubbles she will just screech and open the door).  "Da Girls" have not had a proper post-mortem after the wedding and that is bordering on negligence.  Kathy and I also have to remind ourselves of our 4.45 am chat in St Denis Road after the wedding, sharing a Cassis lemon tart (or was it 2?), solving the problems of the world while the birds were starting to sing and sun starting to rise.

Lucie has also just told me that Hans is arriving in Cape Town for the weekend.  Hans is the awesome husband of cousin, Siobhan and is an organiser extraordinaire.  He worked like a trojan setting up before the wedding and his lovely wife never got taken out for the romantic lunch, which they had planned, because we had a crisis with the tables and were a bit behind with the set up. He has the ability to remain calm when all around him are rushing and stressed out.  He got his helper's together and reminded me at 2 o'clock that we still had to decorate the church.  I eventually got home to Claremont at 3.15 to dress in a rush and head back to the chapel at 4.  Poor Michael had to endure the aircon on freezing to help me cool down and clouds of Johnson's Baby Powder that I kept hitting out of my black outfit (If I had known that there would be no time for another shower, I would never had worn black!!)
Hans and Siobhan

So don't worry Siobhan - he will be in safe hands!!!  Ask your sister!!