"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 7 September 2011


Once upon a time (on a Saturday in September) a very sweet and kind little princess was celebrating her 15th birthday.

She decided she would like to take a few friends to Kalk Bay for a birthday breakfast
They boarded a train in Rondebosch.  This was a new experience for most of them.

She also invited her cousin Gareth (because he was an experienced train traveller and would be good for protection).  He (when first asked to come along for protection) told the princess that she just needed to take a spray can of mace.  The Queen got one up on him and she retorted "How much personality and character does a can of mace have?"  He, feeling somewhat guilty, sheepishly agreed to come along for the ride. He then proceeded to make them run all the way to the front of the platform to board the train because they had splashed out and bought 1st class tickets (it was her  birthday after all).  However, 1st class when you travel from Rondebosch to Cape Town (like he does) is at the front of the train but when you travel from Rondebosch to Muizenberg it is at the back of the train.  Interesting ride with lots of laughs and fun while they listened to people preaching, they learned about the evils of abortion with a bit of singing and lots of beating drums involved as well.

They took a walk along the cat walk and stopped at St James to watch whales showing off.  Drinks and eats and time to pose for some pictures.

This picture, however was not posed for and Gareth did not plan his outfit to match the colourful bathing boxes.  If he had, he said, he would have worn his bright yellow board shorts (also known as a "bather" in Muizenberg).

Pretty ladies all in a row (and a Dad).

The birthday princess could not leave her little sister Cinderella behind.  Cinderella brought along another lady-in-waiting and they had fun splashing and playing rugby on the beach (in between being slaves to the birthday girl and friends).  It was a fun morning which ended in Kalk Bay looking at the shops (and eating ice cream).  The Dad and Cousin got bored so we all joined them at the Brass Bell for some refreshments before the journey home.
When the princess got home she had piles of presents to open
some funky socks

a whole box of macaroons from Cassis

a headband

and a blackberry to go with the headband and socks

All ending with watching Matthew play rugby in Kimberley against Western Province (and nearly winning).  The birthday princess had a good day and another party the following day (actual birthday).

My birthday card to Amy

I was tempted to give her this one, but thought I would save it for her 16th birthday

and just hope that she does not fall in love between now and then!!

A few other snippets from the week so far:-
While shopping at Boardmans about a month ago (I promise), I found these long canisters filled with what looked like bath crystals - only R12.00 each, but they were not bath salts they were stones.  So I bought them anyway (you never know when you need white stones of different sizes).  So this weekend I spent some time organising all the small cactus type plants I have been cultivating
Planted them in tray type containers and sprinkled the stones on top of the soil.
I have put them on my kitchen window sill, overlooking the courtyard

Quite pretty hey?

So to finish off, a confession, which does not really need any words

R52-00 - 3 hand rolls (salmon, tuna, prawn)
Piggy me

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