"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Tuesday, 16 October 2012

taking reality shows a bit too far...

I am hooked on Junior Masterchef on MNet between 6-7 every evening.  A damn awkward time to sit and watch a reality show and I must confess that I have only watched about three episodes and always only catch the second half of the show.  But last night I caught most of the show and I ended up in tears.  It is the sweetest show ever.

Meet Lucy

I think she is 9 years old - for goodness sake and she has pierced ears and pearl earrings - but she is the kindest sweetest little girl ever.  She was so confident to bake Donna Hay's four tier chocolate cake because she is a "brilliant baker" and has baked "hundreds and zillions of cakes with her Mom and Nanna".  After announcing what a good baker she was she popped her chocolate cakes into the oven forgetting to put the eggs and buttermilk into the mixture.  Her cheeks were flushed but she carried on and produced a wonderful effort.

This is Nick.  A lisp and in need of some serious orthodontic work but the cutest little chef ever.  Last night his chocolate cake did not set and was a mushy mess.  He was supposed to have four layers but ended up with one mound covered in icing.  The judges are great to the contestants as well and complimented him on his "fondant pudding".  Little Lucy had gone up with him for the judging and she gave him this big hug and complimented him on his "mess".

Well I was in tears.

And we had not even got to Jack yet.

He has the most beautiful blue eyes you have ever seen.  The one judge made a comment that a dog looks like his owner because, although his cake was perfectly baked the icing was a mess and he added every extra there was onto his cake.  His hair is an untidy mop and he licks his fingers and his apron was as full of icing as his cake but he is too adorable.

Sienna is my other favourite, also 9 years old.  She is always so proud of her dishes and her eyes well up with tears very easily.  Second little cry of the evening.

A hug from Lucy, she just hugs everyone.

This is the whole team but tonight 4 are going to be cut.  Not sure if I am ready for this, because there are sure to be more tears, but best I get home quickly and put my food in the oven so that I can watch uninterrupted.

Gill already knows who won because they are already filming Season 2 in Australia (and because she cannot contain herself and hates surprises).  It was very difficult for me to find these pictures without being tempted to look at the winner, but I didn't.  I am rooting for Jack or Sienna (or Nick).

Nevermind the fact that the timing of the show is seriously interfering with time that I could be having a sundowner with my friends.

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