"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 4 October 2012

in search of warmer weather....

Kathy is off to Dubai tomorrow in search of warmer weather.  Not really.  She is off with another friend to spend 3 days in Dubai before leaving for Bahrain to attend another friends' 50th birthday party.   Really great that she is going to celebrate the birthday but I could not believe that it is a "theme party".  Hectic - spend a fortune to get there and have to carry a carnival costume with you.  I try to get out of fancy dress parties when they are around the corner so imagine travelling for miles and miles to go to a fancy dress party.  Probably why I was not invited!!

So while others travel off to warmer spots, we can only but dream of warmer days to come. 

The Devil's Pool at Victoria Falls - only open September - December
Will give this one a miss

Can this be for real?  Definitely another one that my fear of heights will not tolerate

Travel safely Kathy and enjoy the warm weather.  

A couple of tips for your time in the Emirites and Persian Gulf:-

Foreigners visiting will not be expected to speak Arabic, and English is widely understood. Lucky for you!!

Do not attempt to take photographs of locals without their permission; Muslim women in particular may object to being photographed without their husband’s permission. 

He is probably their husband
In later years when looking at this picture it is important to remember whether you
wore your white trainers that day or whether you ever had a gold handbag
(I think that is why she is sticking her foot out)

In order to show respect and consideration for the Bahraini people, women should cover up their legs and arms when out and about; those who do not will be frowned upon and will receive unwanted attention from the Bahraini men. Likewise, avoid tight clothing and low-cut tops. I would hate it if you were "frowned upon" but not so sure about the "unwanted attention"

Do not show signs of affection to members of the opposite sex in public. People of the opposite sex have been arrested for kissing in public and it is just not socially accepted. Always avoid any confrontation and never become involved in an argument, especially with a local.  Please take note Kathryn!!  NO KISSING (in public) and NO CONFRONTATION (with a local - is it OK to be confrontational towards Linzi?).  Hope the HRT drugs are packed (to control the libido and the mood swings).  I would hate to hear that you have been arrested after an outburst in the supermarket queue or lunging a handsome sheik in public.

If you are offered a drink of tea or coffee in Bahrain, it is very impolite to refuse. The left hand has ‘unclean’ connotations so it is therefore only acceptable to pass or receive things with your right hand.  Don't be impolite - drink tea and coffee whenever offered.  

I hope that there will be some wine involved as well!!  Oh and don't forget to ride that camel.

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