"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Sunday, 14 October 2012

my dark arrogant and mysterious side

After standing in the Woolworth's return queue this week, I said to myself, "Jennifer, time to stop even buying these colourful clothes because you will not wear them.  It is a total waste of time."  Just as I should also say to myself "Jennifer, do not worry to buy new fashion lipsticks or blushers, because you will not wear them.  It is a total was of money (not time this time)."  My mother loves to say to me "Jennifer, you would look so much brighter (meaning prettier) with some blusher and lipstick on your face!!"

I had a rough clean out in my cupboard last week.  Clean out means pull everything out, neatly fold, colour code, winter jerseys in the suitcase and packed away in the top cupboard (hopefully for the next five months).  My cupboard now looks like this:-

This is the "black tops" shelf.  22 plain black T-shirts, 5 with detail, 11 long sleeve back
(this is after throwing out a big bag of the tired and faded ones!!)

Grey and white - short sleeved tops
Naughty top shelf showing a few hints of colour

Then hidden away in a packet out of sight (but not mind):-

are these cardigans pictured above
 i am undecided about them
and have not returned them yet
maybe i will wear them 
(but probably not)
i am a bit nervous to pack them in the cupboard in case they
scare those that live there so happily
in their blandness
a black, grey and white melange
for now these four cheerful "chaps" live, slightly crumpled, in the plastic shopping bag, 
with their tags on 
(in case they need to be returned)
on top of my shoes
on the bottom shelf of my 
very bland wardrobe
and they are hidden because 
they scare me a bit too 
but i do so enjoy peeping into the packet every couple of days
and sometimes even trying one on with what i am wearing for the day
but then it quickly gets taken off
and hidden away, in their secret place,
for another couple of days of uncertainty

they have 3 months to live like this
(before the "return for purchase date" expires)
but i am beginning to think that it will better for them
(and kinder)
that i return them to the store
(while woman are still shopping for new summer clothes)
to be re-sold
to someone
who is not afraid to dress up
in rainbow colours
with shoes and lipsticks to match
(not forgetting that bit of blusher on the cheekbones)

I should call this "Jenny's Ode to the Colourful Cardigan"

So now after a couple of lunch hours looking around the shops I have now decided to specialise, stick with what I know I will wear and in the process save myself time and money.  So what if every one thinks I wear the same clothes day after day?  I know the truth.

Here is my new motto:-
I like you Mr Yamamoto!!

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