"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 23 August 2012

awkward moments and things to make you smile

I love the word "awkward".  It is now a much used word whereas (in the old days) I remember awkward to mean clumsy and it was not used for much else.  

Here are some awkward moments to make you smile and some smiles to make you feel awkward!!

Cannot be real...
Taking togetherness too far?  What is it?  Is it a bird, a map?  Maybe the family crest.

Happy Families
There is a whole website of "Awkward Family Photos"
Save the Date
Would love to see what they look like now
This should not be allowed.  I would  have called Childline.
Spot the rebel in his black jeans
Can anyone come up with an explanation
Perhaps a bust of the dude in demin from his modelling days and when he had hair?

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