"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 2 May 2012

well that was a fun mayday........

What a great evening.  At about 6 o'clock we loaded ourselves into the bus.  We had to put "the little one" in the boot (we did provide her with a cushion).  This clever car has a "dog restrainer net" so the poor "little one" did without any liquid refreshment as we forget about a straw (can you see the look of desperation on her face?).
First mistake - we had not booked a table at any of the restaurants and Grand West was packed.  We ended up eating in the food court and thank goodness I had received a tip-off from my Indian colleague at work about The Raj.  Chicken Breyani and Tikka Chicken Masala it was.  Huge helpings and very delish.  Thanks Anusha!!

Then off to the show.  It is not often that you are happy at interval for the amount you spent on your ticket because the supporting show was so good.  Naturally 7 were awesome.  Capella type group but they make all the band noises as well.  We had to scrape Linzi and Kathy off the floor every time the tall bass playing guy opened his mouth.  You have never heard a voice that deep.
We were pretty far back but there were big television sets on each side and then
the five long screens focused on him (when he stood still)

Buble was magnificent and did not disappoint.  He has the crowd eating out of his hand. The show was quite different and he did bits of songs from other artists in a mocking way - Michael Jackson, Jason Mraz and Celine Dion (my aching nerves).  He moved through the audience and ended up singing from the back with the supporting act (he did apologise to the people who paid so much for their front row tickets).  There were a couple of songs he did not sing but if you want to really listen to him, buy his CD's.  His show is not really about the songs or his voice (we know those are good), it is about his all round performance and charm.  I am still convinced that he sips vodka out of his glass and not water as he has that naughty look in his slightly bloodshot eyes. 
He moved to the back without his band and Naturally 7 backing him
The highlight of the show for the 6 of us was the young guy sitting next to Dalene.  He was probably in his early to mid 20's and dressed up in a black silky tuxedo with his girlfriend (or sister) and his mother.  He knew all the words and clicked his fingers to the music with perfect timing.  At one point I looked at Linzi and saw that she had tears in her eyes, I then looked at this chap and he had tears streaming down his face and a look of euphoria on his face.  It was one of those moments that humble you and make you think of what he had sacrificed to be at the show, how he got himself dressed up and completely involved in the whole vibe.  He  will remember the show for all time and have his program kept in a very special place.

I usually hate it when people belt out their own version during a show where you had paid to see the artist perform but this guy had a beautiful voice and you had no option but to sit back and revel in his enjoyment of the show.

After the show Kathy had to go and pay her respects to Naturally 7 (she has all the makings of a groupie) and unfortunately the bass guy must have been hiding behind a pillar somewhere, so she did not meet him.  The queue was too long to buy their CD and they must have made a killing selling and autographing them.
Meet "Hops" - the deepest voice I have ever heard

Naturally 7 performing unplugged in London
The crowds were streaming out of the venue at a snails pace and rather than get stuck in traffic (in Goodwood without refreshments) we decided to head off for a drink (also because we were unable to imbibe in the forecourt with our polystyrene dinner).  We found a rather fancy lounge in the casino area and seated ourselves down in very comfortable and expensive leather couches.  We tried to order some drinks (and a decaf coffee (not for me) for our driver).  In a couple of minutes we had this very official man in a penguin suit and a clipboard asking us for our gold or platinum MVP card.  Linzi and Kathy tried sweet-talking the man and Bronwen dropped a couple of well connected names into the conversation.  Linzi said that we were prepared to pay for our drinks (usually they are free to MVP's) and Kathy mentioned that Michael Buble was about to join us.  He made us swear to secrecy as what he was doing was "highly irregular".  Then he rattled through all the whiskey's they had on the shelf, we ordered and sat back to enjoy our drinks.

Another fun evening with the girls.

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