"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Monday, 28 May 2012

lazy sunday afternoon

It was a glorious day in Cape Town yesterday and I did not move out of the house.  Except for an hour raking leaves in the garden, all the windows and doors were opened, washing was done and a fancy new chicken dish invented and served with mustard mash.

I did not feel so bad when I read on Facebook this morning that Shelley was also in tears (and indoors on such a glorious day) when Philip Phillips won American Idols last night.  I have been sending my sons snippets of Philip from the beginning of the season with short messages "Listen to this guy",  "Doesn't he remind you of Dave Matthews?"   "How good is his cover of Billy Joel?" -  I never got one reply back from them (for well brought up and usually well mannered boys they know when to give their mother a miss!!).  I think since the Heinz Winkler hysteria over Idols in 2002, I warped my children forever.  The final when Heinz won we had a full on Idols dress up party.  My mother dressed up in traditional gear like the judge Mara and it became quite a noisy party with 2 different camps.  My mom had recently got her cellphone and had spent quite a bit of time and money on voting for Ayanda (I don't think she made it to the final 2 though).  I had used our company cellphone router and 500 free minutes to phone through 100's of times for Heinz (can you still get into trouble for confessing to something you did a decade ago?)

I was not that popular last night.  Our DSTV is playing up and we can only watch one channel at the moment.  Michael and Matthew were switching between rugby, golf at Wentworth, cricket at Trent Bridge and the IPL final.  MIchael disappeared for an hour to take his mum home, Matthew had a friend to visit and Kim and I grabbed our chance and were on the couch (with a bottle of wine and the remote) watching the Philip Phillips show.  Oh my word he is so good (and cute and humble and normal).  I felt exactly like Shelley did and was all teary and it was as though one of my sons had won.  When he had to stop singing half way through his final song to go and hug his mom, I was toast.  I think this is the first Idol that I will head out and buy his CD.  (I lie, now that I put this in writing I must confess that I did buy Will Young's CD all those years ago - two confession in two paragraphs).  That was another hectic family finale with my mom and Michael yelling for Gareth Gates and Dalene and I screeching for Will Young (we are quite a childish bunch).
All's well ends well in that we did see Luke Donald's final putt, a few highlights of the rugby and the final over of the IPL.  I was sad to hear this morning that I missed my cricket team (England) take 6 wickets in the final session of play on day 3!!   However, watching Pheeel was worth the sacrifice.

After a supper of delicious toasted sandwiches, we watched the movie Limitless - oh my gosh - I so need one of those clear magic tablets.  They turn your eyes bright blue, it gives you ninja powers, helps you write your novel in a day and gets your mind remembering all the facts that you have ever learned.  Not really interested in running for President of the USA but the rooftop apartment in New York and the money you could make on the stock exchange wouldn't be too shabby.  It also starred  Bradley Cooper - a perfect end to a lazy Sunday.

Best I stop now, before I get into trouble.  Oh, Heinz Winkler's number was 08214907 or SMS 07 to 37400 (some things you can remember without drugs!)

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  1. I love Will Young! So not my usual kind of music, but he is amazing. Such a nice chap (sounds like something Helen would have said!).