"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Saturday, 26 November 2011

when last did you have a swim in the ocean?

My old faithfuls may remember the posting I did about my love of lyrics and my wonderful singing voice (not).  If not, click here.  Also if you have now just read that post and you have not been with me since the very beginning you will note that that came from my ts eliot, no capitals phase. (You were right Gareth and Janet, it did not look as cool as I thought it was at the time).

I amuse myself when I don't really have a real topic to write about and suddenly ts eliot pops up (when I read through this old post) and it is very relevant to what I am now about to write.  Sorry if I am losing you here - it is 6 am in the morning and I did not sleep very well last night.

Yesterday I played Afternoons and Coffeespoons to Michael.  I am trying hard to get you excited about my up and coming changes (in a subtle way).  It is a song by the Crash Test Dummies and one of my all time favourite CD's (which of you 3 boys has stolen it?)

This is Afternoons and Coffeespoons.  Take a listen.
"Afternoons And Coffeespoons"

What is it that makes me just a little bit queasy?
There's a breeze that makes my breathing not so easy
I've had my lungs checked out with X rays
I've smelled the hospital hallways

Someday I'll have a disappearing hairline
Someday I'll wear pyjamas in the daytime

Times when the day is like a play by Sartre
When it seems a book-burning's in perfect order
I gave the doctor my description
I've tried to stick to my prescription

Someday I'll have a disappearing hairline
Someday I'll wear pyjamas in the daytime

Afternoons will be measured out
Measured out, measured with
Coffeespoons ans T.S. Eliot

Maybe if I could do a play-by-playback
I could change the test results that I will get back
I've watched the summer evenings pass by
I've heard the rattle in my bronchi...

So I love the title, the lyrics are fun but perhaps harping too much on getting old and sick (he has serious guilt issues about his smoking habits and the condition of his lungs, I think).  Whilst wearing pyjamas in the daytime is a wonderful rare treat for me, in this song it is more about being old and in a nursing home.  But we have to make our own interpretation of things sometimes.  Afternoons and Coffeespoons sounds comforting to me, pyjamas in the daytime also reminds me of weekend mornings or holiday times when you find yourself watering the garden in your pj's and sometimes forget that you are when you head out of the gate to water the verge.

Then while doing my investigations on the CTD and their lyrics another song kept coming into my mind.  Swimming in your Ocean.  This title has been on my mind because the title kind of connects me to Nicky Deacon (my lovely friend who died suddenly while on holiday in Namibia).  Nicky and I used to have lots of ocean swims together and one of our catch phrases if one of us was going off on holiday to the sea without the other was "Have a swim for me".  So while playing songs off YouTube the other evening I also felt like listening to Swimming in your Ocean.  Do you realise how many songs you think you know the words to and you don't?  This Brad Roberts (lead singer) is one crazy dude.  You have to watch this one and scroll down the lyrics while he sings.

When I'm sampling from your bosom 
Sometimes I suffer from distractions like 
Why does God cause things like tornadoes and train wrecks? 
When I'm swimming in 
When I'm swimming in your ocean 
Floating aloft on creams 
And scented lotions 
I can get pretty side-tracked 
I hope you'll understand 
When I kneel before you bounty 
Sometimes I wonder if there could be really 
UFO's that come from other planets 
And when you let me taste your fingers 
I take them like fruit and as I linger I 
Wonder if my seed will find purchase in your soil.

Hectic hey?  No wonder Gareth (who knows his lyrics) told me to do my homework first.  So Gareth, I have done my homework and Swimming in your Ocean is perhaps not an appropriate title for my ramblings.  Don't you love the song, words and video?  The lyrics don't need dissecting or any explanation (not here anyway), Dr Eve would have a field day with them. I love his honesty and the last line "I wonder if my seed will find purchase in your soil" - Beautiful.

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