"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 25 November 2011

conversations with gareth........

I mentioned some time ago about improving my blog, taking advice and listening to my knowledgeable son(s) and perhaps easing some of the frustrations I encounter when trying to upload pictures to this blog.  I can't tell you how many times I am uploading my pictures, can't wait any longer, leave the computer hanging, only to return and find the whole lot is lost.

Yesterday evening I was about to pack up at office and head home when I got caught in a BBM conversation with Gareth (getting pretty good on my fancy little WhiteBerry).  Gareth was also still at work and had been speaking to a guy who was helping him set up 2 new blog sites for himself.  For a Christmas present he is going get me up and running and sorted out with my own domain (how important that sounds), a new fancy site, pictures that slide and can be stored in a gallery and many other features that I have to read up on and study.  He assures me that it is not going to be difficult.  This is all very exciting and hopefully it will be up and running before Christmas.  Do you feel the excitement?

He wanted quick answers and gave me the name of the site to look at and where I had to choose a theme.  We went through a couple (he knew immediately the one that I would like best - but he had chosen that one (I think), so I had to pick another).  We eventually agreed on a very cool one which would suit my set-up and requirements perfectly.  Feeling it, yet?

Our "conversation" then went like this:-

G: This one is good because it has broad categories and headlines.
You'll get more clicks as people have to explore stories
J: Now the name?
G: Okay get a name.  Come now, think.  I've got a domain checker
J: I liked Afternoons and Coffeespoons (FROM CRASH TEST DUMMIES)
G: Well go for it - I like that one
J: But I am not that into coffee
Grey's my favourite colour (COUNTING CROWS - MR JONES)
G: Afternoons.co.za is available.  Afternoons and teaspoons?
J: What about Weddings and Wine?
G: Are you fully committed to this weddings thing?
Bit limited imho (IN MY HUMBLE OPINION)
Afternoons and teaspoons could go on and be a great name for a business,
wedding planner, coffee shop...mosaic supplier,
or you could be Afternoons and ts eliot - the way you love your capitals
J: OK will think about it
G: URL must be as short as possible but available.  Check your email.
I sent you the checker so you can see if it is taken or not.
J: mostlydaily.co.za - medaily.co.za - jennymous.co.za
All are available
G: No man
Super K#K
Silly is a euphemism
You don't apologise for how often you post or try and be apologetic
Kick some ass
Grow a pair
J: :)
G: Also you want people to tell other people about your site
How many people will stuff up jennymous, I don't even want to tell you
Most people can spell Afternoons though
J: OK still thinking.  snobbyramblings.co.za
G: Don't put yourself down - your posts are hardly snobby
J: I like the lyrics thing
G: You can see what I like!
Imagine the lovely spoon Bielle could design for you as a header
J: Ok - afternoonsandcoffeespoons.co.za
It is available as well
G: Can't bully you into it but there is also everything from afternoons to coffeespoons angle.
I can clearly remember rocking the Kadette to mmmmm mmmm mmmmm
OK heading off now - this dude knows his onions.
Will have to see about your old content and whether it can be brought across.
Not sure what will happen to your old stuff
J: We can just re-direct people and keep it open for a bit though?
G: Yeah for sure.  Keep it open forever
J: Love you.  Thanks for the help and encouragement
G: Cool.  I have just bullied you into a theme and a name.
HAHA.  Can't believe you though.....
J: You are not going to let me forget that one, are you?
G: theoliphant.co.za - that is me

To know him is to love him!!  And he never forgets a thing.

This morning he made Michael and I smile again.  He was obviously walking through the Cape Town Gardens on his way to work and snapped a picture of an albino squirrel for me to show to Michael.
Herein lies a story.  Michael and I had just started formally dating.  We had taken Rusty for a walk through RBHS and had seen two baby owls in a tree on the Oakhurst field (next to the swimming pool and the main rugby field).  We arrived home, pretty excited about seeing the baby birds and Michael after telling the whole story to the boys, asked Gareth (who was probably engrossed in the newspaper) if he had seen the baby owls (he had just returned from rugby practice on the next door field and there were plenty of people around, pointing and looking up at the tree while he was practicing).  Gareth, oblivious to the rarity of the sighting and as only Gareth in his deep, gruff voice can do, replied "NO, but I have seen an albino squirrel on that field".  Subject closed.

Perhaps you had to be there but it has become a family joke.

When Gareth returned earlier this year from a wonderful holiday at Londolozi he had so many stories to tell about lions mating, wild dogs and hyena fights and for Gareth (who is usually brief and to the point) it was an unusually detailed and animated conversation about the experience.  After listening to his tales, Michael, in his unobtrusive, dry way asked "Any albino squirrels?"

Stole some of his pictures off Facebook to illustrate my point.  He has a special way of capturing special moments.

Caption reads "Elephants do give a ...."

I love this one
and this one
and especially this one

I have an awesome weekend planned
Matt is on the road and coming home for a week
He will be here this evening
Can't believe that I have not seen him for months and now having all
the spoil of 2 visits in one month
Hans (Siobhan's husband) is in Cape Town for the weekend
he works for KLM
and could not wait to get back to spend more time with us!!
We are heading for the Hout Bay harbour market tomorrow morning
for breakfast 
and to buy some things for lunch and to see
Nic, the student (who is on holiday) and  
who now has a weekend job with the brewers at the market
and then Kathy is having a Thanksgiving lunch - late afternoon
(you did get the nod!!)
Dave (the married one) and Lucie (who used to be frightened of sharks) are diving 
up the West Coast in the morning
and coming back to Kathy with crayfish (and a tuna roast) and 
maybe Percy (aka Alastair, the other wedding singer) as well
and he can make Kathy swoon and 
Dalene giggle at his Beckham impersonation 
and there will be bubbles and wine
and the weather is going to be good
and Nic will come later
with his guitar

I have lots to be thankful for

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