"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

tasha's for breakfast

Now somewhere between setting up everything for the wedding, the wedding itself and clearing up after the wedding Nicholas James (middle son) and I managed to find time for a breakfast at Tashas in Constantia Village.  Our plan was to collect the dirty table cloths, return them to Noordhoek and have breakfast at Cafe  Roux while out in the country.  We arrived at the wedding palace the morning after the night before and rang the bell.  It was nearly 9 in the morning after a very late night but we rang the bell once, twice, we rang Lavender Cottage once, twice, three times and looked at each other and thought "Whoever we wake up is going to be cross with us, so lets get out of here".  So we left.
Le Bonheur
Now anyone who knows Nic knows in how many directions his mind works.  He is a brainstormer of note and has a way of thinking on his feet and changing a plan without you realising it (you don't want to know about his travel plans for next week - I'll tell you when he is airborne).  Anyway I get an instruction to reverse the car and we leave the palace (without the table cloths that were due back that morning) before the Colonel arrives (with a gun) or the parrot wakes the entire house with his "Scratch Scratch" routine.  Quite an amazing parrot who had the hots for Dalene.  Every time she walked past the cage he bowed his head for a scratch and his tail feathers went from apricot to deep red.  She has a way with parrots, does my sister.  

Back to the story.  Nic and I head for Constantia Village. "Melissa's is a good place", he advises me or otherwise Greens (a bit higher up the Main Road) or even the Eggs Benedict at Uitsig - "actually Mom that is what I really feel like, Eggs Benedict at Uitsig".  As I pull into the parking area (next to Melissas) he starts singing the praises of Tashas in Johannesburg, where he spent quite a lot of time last year.  They are now in Constantia.  So, change of plan, Tashas it is.  Me in my "wedding planner tidying up outfit" (would not have been good for Uitsig) and he in shorts and slops with rain drops now falling around us.    

We get there in the nick of time as a queue is starting to form.  A friendly waitress arrives and we are led to a nice long table (which we share with 2 others with a gap in between).  The bestest cup of black filter coffee I have had all year (I don't really do coffee anymore) and a breakfast to die for.  And nobody I knew there who would spot me in Constantia dressed for comfort and cleaning.  My camera was still charged (that explains the lack of wedding pictures - sorry :() so I pulled it out and started clicking away for some pictures for my "breakfast blog".
Nic had rye toast, poached eggs, spinach and mushrooms
The unpretentious decor
The cake, muffin and biscuit arrangement
My perfectly poached eggs, with a bearnaise type sauce, asparagus spears and
on polenta toast
It was amazing.  The polenta "toast" is something to behold.  Please try it.

The table cloths did not get back to Noordhoek on Saturday, the house had started awaking by the time we returned at 11, the sun came out and champagne corks started popping again.

PS.  I will get to the wedding soon, promise
PS. PS.  I was there and did find something to wear

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