"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 23 November 2011

da dum - da dum - da dum.................(big) drum roll....

Here we have it - the pictures you have been waiting for (and some you were not expecting).  Faye Turnbull, the photographer (who also assisted at Glenn and Nina's wedding in March) once again did a wonderful job.  I can't wait to see them all but for now, I cannot keep you waiting any longer so here we go:-
The tables were very simple.  We could not have anything as a centre piece because the food was being served on platters. Pretty Little Things were great.  A  more accommodating duo of Pia and Gerard you could not wish to find and their staff we also unobtrusive and efficient (good words hey?).  Each guest had their own small arrangement, candle and a miniature of either Amarula or Scotch.  Jenga blocks were used for the place name. Thanks to the lovely Bielle for her design and handwriting skills (she did invitations, all the blackboards, seating plan and place names).  Lucie's mum, Colette brought over tartan ribbon (their Douglas clan tartan) and the band of Douglas tartan on the napkin was the only colour on the tables.

Ginny's flowers.  The SA / Scottish combination - proteas and roses, yellowwood and oak.  There were two huge arrangements which we took to the church.  One for the alter and one at the entrance.

We  moved the couches and other seating to the outskirts of the tent.  Dalene had made small fleecy knee blankets for everyone.  These came in very handy as although it was a lovely day, once the sun went
down it  was rather chilly.
The lovely bride, nearly on her way
Mother of the bride and 3 bridesmaids ready to leave for the church

The Deacon and The Colonel

The Colonel - Definite winner of the "Best Dressed" male

The Prayer Girls - Kelly and Amy van Vlaanderen arriving at the church

Mr and Mrs Barber out for a stroll and a chat.  Lucie's dress was beautiful.
Enough chatting about nothing, let's head back to the party.............

....in a buggy
Where's Wally?  (Clue - Not in red stripes with a hat)
See, I was there!!
Mother of the Groom (my mommy), Alice (mum's friend) and Veronica (mum's sister and my godmother)
(Where were you Norma? Too early to be dancing on the table?)
Colette and Rauridh (Rory in South African) Rutherford.
The dessert table
Chocolate Concerto from Cassis and individual cakes for desserts.  The theme of combining the SA and Scottish tradition was carried through the menu as well - koeksisters, tablets (Scottish fudge in a way but nicer).
The two new mothers-in-law each received lovely flowers at the end of the evening from their new daughter and son (nice touch)

"The Balcony Kiss"
We forgot to take on the day, so took it the next day.  They did not want to dress up again.
The newlyweds had 2 mini-moons - 2 nights at the Cellars Hohenhort after the wedding (you have seen those pictures) and then off to Kagga Kamma last weekend once all the guests had left (in fact, they did not wait for all the overseas guests to leave or to wave goodbye properly to them either.  The Rutherfords nearly had to hire taxi's to get to the airport and Aimee, Lucie's twin who was the last to leave had to make sure the pool was clean and the lights were off!!).  Keen Beans but I am sure they are forgiven!!. You have to see these pictures (hope I am not going to be in trouble for releasing them). I should have perhaps checked that Hello magazine do not have sole rights!!

The lengths some girls will go for their men!!  How lovely is the dress?
With their new "baby" nicknamed "The Beast"
So there it is.  It is pretty damn difficult to get back into my boring real day job and probably next week life will return to normal.  I still have flowers and jam jars all over my house (going away this weekend did not help), I have to repack boxes and pack away vases, tea light holders, wash draping fabric, find homes for blackboards and poles and re-organise the garage.  Michael's brother Derek has been in town for 2 weeks visiting his mother and we have only had one car.  Thank goodness for that because we have no room for another car at the moment.  He leaves Cape Town tomorrow so heaven only knows what is going to happen to everything in the garage.  Best I get myself motivated.

Anyone know of anyone who needs help with another wedding?  I am available - but not on Saturday - we are planning a Thanksgiving lunch (Kathy's idea).  

A lunch to think about and give thanks for our friends, with a roast turkey (turducken I think we are having) and trimmings (and lots of bubbles - perhaps a bit of Buble as well - his new Christmas CD has just been released (sorry I do so enjoy him)).  I have found a recipe for a drunken pumpkin pie, so it promises to be good afternoon.  Pull in if you are in the area - 3 Upper Whelan Avenue (Kathy is very chilled and if you hide behind a bottle of bubbles she will just screech and open the door).  "Da Girls" have not had a proper post-mortem after the wedding and that is bordering on negligence.  Kathy and I also have to remind ourselves of our 4.45 am chat in St Denis Road after the wedding, sharing a Cassis lemon tart (or was it 2?), solving the problems of the world while the birds were starting to sing and sun starting to rise.

Lucie has also just told me that Hans is arriving in Cape Town for the weekend.  Hans is the awesome husband of cousin, Siobhan and is an organiser extraordinaire.  He worked like a trojan setting up before the wedding and his lovely wife never got taken out for the romantic lunch, which they had planned, because we had a crisis with the tables and were a bit behind with the set up. He has the ability to remain calm when all around him are rushing and stressed out.  He got his helper's together and reminded me at 2 o'clock that we still had to decorate the church.  I eventually got home to Claremont at 3.15 to dress in a rush and head back to the chapel at 4.  Poor Michael had to endure the aircon on freezing to help me cool down and clouds of Johnson's Baby Powder that I kept hitting out of my black outfit (If I had known that there would be no time for another shower, I would never had worn black!!)
Hans and Siobhan

So don't worry Siobhan - he will be in safe hands!!!  Ask your sister!!


  1. I am so going to get you!!!!!!!! When someone needs teasing.....where is my sister? Great blog.....awesome memories after a wonderful day.

  2. Great post Jen. You are the best wedding organiser. Thanks once again for making it all happen XX

  3. Fab Jenni! Wish I could join Hans this weekend!xxx

  4. That was from me-Colette xx

  5. Colette, I take it Anon No. 1 is my little sister and your little sister is Anon. No. 2. I was a tad worried that Siobhan was "so going to get me" and I have not done anything (yet). I love teasing you Dalene and thanks for compliment Lucie (says she, blushing). I was honoured to be your organiser and will take my position as your "best" as you will never have another to compare me to!!