"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 12 October 2011

the wonderful world of menopause

"Oh Koek!!" as Kathy loves to say.  Summer is coming and we have to start wearing less clothing.  Now as much as I love summer, it does come with a couple of negatives for those of us WMW's (wonderfully menopausal woman).  The entire winter I was asked "Aren't you cold?" and I can honestly say there was one night that I thought was freezing cold - 29 June - for the rest, winter suits me just fine.  However, I do love Spring and Autumn the best, mostly warm and clear days but still nice enough to have your duvet on at night.

The temperature in our office also makes dressing for work difficult.  Today, for example is beautiful outside but very cool inside.  The office is the perfect temperature but not warm enough for sandals.  I had a test drive of the sandals last week and went home at lunchtime for closed shoes.  I get grumpy when my feet are cold.

Thank goodness Gill and I are of similar ages and body temperatures although if she does not go out at lunchtime and I do when I return the heater gets put off (if it is winter) or the aircon goes on high (if it is summer).  She is pretty polite and pulls out a jersey and lets out a shiver or two.  I eventually get the hint (after I have cooled down).

OMW - is it worth going through this list?   No. I won't bother.  Heard and read of most of them except that nipples become smaller and flatter, first time I have heard that.  That is good news - at least something gets smaller (will have to get out the tape measure).

Then we won't talk about the effects hotter weather has on plucking up courage to expose the WMB (wonderful menopausal body) to the masses.  What is a bit of a problem is that I have to go clothing shopping for the pending wedding in less than a month (1 day less than a month).  No more off the peg at Woolies.  I did Woolies last week in my quest for a couple more black and white T-shirts.  I am a bit delusional and took the size 18's (made in China, you know).  I get all excited when I see the new range - "Wow, these look pretty big (18 will do), lovely light "touch me" fabric (does not look like it will cling to the stomach), sleeves like a short sleeve should be (not those stupid capped sleeves that show the wobbly bits).  I am so excited I nearly plutz and grab them in every colour (this you may find surprising - lime green, coral, turquoise, baby blue and, of course, black and white and grey).  AND better still only R75-00 each.  Well I get my big bag of colour home and try them on.  Deary me - 18 is not the right size, the "touch me" fabric does exactly that - it damn well touches me all over and not in a nice way at all.  The coral one I tried on was whipped on and off as fast as Matthew Rosslee looked heading for the try line on Saturday.  The sleeves looked like bloomin' capped sleeves and the coral colour (what was I thinking?).  So back to Woolies with the whole bunch and exchanged them for 3 size 22 (they are made in China you know) black, white and grey.  

Well after exchanging my goods and getting cash back - quite exciting when you pay with your debit card and then get refunded in cash, I thought I would pop in at Nicci boutique in Cavendish.  They had a very lovely top in the window.   Well, the very petite sales lady gave me one look and pointed me in the direction of another rail.  "They are very small sizes, made in the East, even I have to wear a large" , she says (trying to make me feel better).  Boy oh boy she looked like a size 8.   Anyway she pulled off a double XL (looks better than XXL) off the rack.  I tried it on - not bad, terrible lights and at R1 200 for a pretty average but pretty top, I thought "No Jennifer, you have a month to go, I am sure you can loose 20 kgs by then".

Then I have my dear sister and mother saying "Jennifer, you cannot wear black to the wedding".  We use Jennifer at times like this.  In my rule book it is bad form to wear white to a wedding (and be in danger of upstaging the bride) and I would never do that.  I like black (and grey) and I will feel much happier in black (or grey).  I don't think it is necessary to wear black to a funeral anymore.  In fact people often ask you not to wear black, wear a bright scarf or even red socks to a funeral.  Watch this space!!

Apple vs Pear
Okey Dokes, I am the perfect apple
Apples are good
So now in my one month (minus one day) pursuit to loose a couple of pounds, I am calling in my Herbalife supplier this evening (hope you are home Hope - nice alliteration) and also found this rather nice looking drink to sip on during the day.

It's very easy to make: in 2 litres of water add 1 medium cucumber, peeled and sliced, 1 lemon, thinly sliced, 1 teaspoon freshly grated ginger and around lots of mint leaves.  Leave in the fridge for a few hours or overnight and in the morning you'll have a cold and really refreshing drink. 

Worth a try?
Would it work with gin?

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