"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Sunday, 2 October 2011

courtyard before and after

The warm weather during last week (quickly to change in time for our weekend) had me motivated to re-arrange and re-pot the plants in my courtyard garden just outside my kitchen window.  The evenings are suddenly longer too so last week was a pretty industrious one for me.
Everything out
New potting soil in most of them
Oh dear what have I started?
Add a picture and some street art
I don't really "do pink" in anything in my life.  Why,oh why, of all the impatiens plants that I have tried to propagate do only the pink survive?  Someone trying to tell me something?
 A dove came to join me (the small one at the back is part of the bird bath)
 Filling up nicely
 Spot the spot of pink
 Almost done
 Such a pity yesterday was so grey
I have to show you the mosaic which was a group effort one evening.  The renovations 
at St Denis Road were nearly completed. The cement was to be laid the following day, and I had an idea for a mosaic in the cement in the courtyard.   Bielle, Amy and Kelly 
helped me lay pieces of tiles, bits of painted crockery that I used to enjoy doing, glass and mirrors into the ground. Nicky popped around as we were getting started.  She ran home to fetch something she had for our design. The big blue plate in the middle was her favourite platter which had recently broken.  I love my first attempt at a mosaic.
Then Nic remembered that he had 2 whole plastic bags full of smooth glass which he had collected at Bakoven beach.  The next day as the workers laid the concrete slab 
for my bench, I placed the sea beaten glass around the edges.
The sun tried hard to come out this morning.  My view from the kitchen window
Everything looks so much better in the sunshine 

 Maybe we can have lunch in the courtyard today!!
Pinned Image
Ooops, more pink
(caught you - not my garden, unfortunately
mine wouldn't have pink, silly)
Pinned Image
nice hey
(caught you again - not mine but good idea)
Pinned Image
good idea, don't you think?
(I have been looking for a place in the sun for a veggie garden)
Pinned Image
and while we are hanging things on walls
(these ideas need to be investigated further - will keep you posted)
Pinned Image
so clever - living art
Pinned Image
What an inviting entrance.  Wouldn't you like to join me for a glass of perfectly chilled wine?

Pinned Image
My kind-of table!!
Talking of which, I am off to check that the wine is chilling and getting ready to watch with Idols
I am really looking forward to the performances tonight.  After shouting for Mark since
the audition stages I have now fallen under Dave's spell.  So for me this evening,
it is purely watching for the best performer on the night.  I don't even think
I will vote this time - May the best man win!!

A quick test to close for today

Pinned Image
Mine - Lust, fool, pee

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