"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 28 October 2011

if you don't know reacher - you know jack!!

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Not my idea for the title - but oh so clever (it could almost have been mine :)).  I found it (and lots of other trivia) on the Jack Reacher website.  I am totally fascinated by him, want to meet him and spend hours thinking of who the right actor to play him in the movies will be.  I read somewhere that Lee Child decided on his name when unemployed and in the supermarket with his wife.  Being tall himself, he was often asked by little old ladies to "reach" up to the top shelf for them.  His wife called him her "reacher" and so the name was born.  In Jack he has created the perfect fictional character .  He is a loner, a wanderer, has no fixed abode and travels with only a toothbrush.

He is a the hero you fall for, be you male or female.  6'5, 250 lbs, strong, punctual (although never wears a watch), he acts on instinct, he is super intelligent (knows numbers, square roots, prime numbers better than a machine).  He is an ex-military cop, a street fighter - you are safe with Jack.  He owns nothing, has no roots and is always on the move.  Through his adventures you find out more about Maine, New York, New Jersey, Colorado and although born and bred in England, Lee Child has mastered the American landscapes.  He is married to an American.

Woman lose their hearts to him although they know that he will never be with them for long, he never commits and dresses very badly. When his shirts get smelly, he buys a new one.

Gareth started reading these books many years ago.  I have only been hooked for the last 18 months or so and I have not read them all and am no authority on the subject but of the 7 or so books I have read, I love them.  I love his style, I love the pace but mostly I love Jack Reacher.  The first thing that hooked me on these books were the short chapters.  I read in bed and long chapters don't do it for me as I end up having to re-read the last read chapter the next night (and the next).  So, I get into bed and say "OK Jennifer, you are tired, just one chapter of Reacher, light off and sleep".  Never works, I end up reading at least 5 chapters and I don't have to re-read them the next night.

Now the buzz is on about who is going to play Jack in the movies.  Top of the pile is Tom Cruise - oh my word, PLEASE, PLEASE no.   He is too short and far too smooth looking.  We need an American version of Javier Bardem
or a younger version of Jeff Bridge
What about the guy from Prison Break? Dominic Purcell - too bald, not quite right
Jeffrey Dean Morgan?  Quite a bit like Javier (don't you think?) but American and handsomer.  He has apparently moved on from Grey's into movies and, to me, has the right look. He has recently shot The Resident with Hilary Swank and All Good Things with Ryan Gosling and Ms. Dunst. I like him (a lot).  
Ryan Reynolds, that Viggio Martinegro guy and many other names have been bandied about.  Very much like who should be the next Bond and all the controversy that goes with that selection.  I really hope Lee Child will have some say in the selection.  I think that Reacher is Lee Child.

Last night while looking for pictures and stuff I came across this bit of very interesting information.  Facebook have a whole page debating who should be Jack.  Who is the profile picture?  Lawrence Dallagio - my bestest rugby player.  I forwarded the link to Gareth (he who berates my love of the English rugby team and their present and past members) and have not heard a peep from him (could it perhaps be that Larry is the face that comes into Gareth's mind when he devours the books?)
Who would Jack Reacher look like?

Perhaps Nick Faldo too?

They are both the right height and fighting weight.  Nick probably has more before the camera and behind the mike experience than Lawrence.  However, probably the one thing against them both is that they are a tad too English.  Deary me!!  Back to the drawing board.

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