"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Sunday, 9 October 2011

sunday night ramblings

Quite an eventful weekend and I think I am winning the battle over the cold that has been threatening to take me down.  Nothing worse than a runny nose and dry lips when the weather is hot.  Yesterday was Nic's 26th birthday, he had a couple of friends pop around after the rugby in the morning, he helped me make "Ginny Baguettes" and we sat outside under the tree drinking champagne and chatting in the sun.  It is a great way of making baguettes.  You cut them lengthwise and pull out all the dough.  You put the dough in the processor with garlic, pesto, olive oil, chili - and if you have Nic in the kitchen with you, a host of weird and wonderful combinations.  You then spread this paste back onto the bread.  Then you add your cheese, salami, rocket, lettuce or whatever floats your boat.  They were a great success and look very professional too.

Damn bug-ger that England lost and damn bug-ger again because of this morning's result.  So sad.  But all was not lost.  On Saturday afternoon The Griquas beat the Blou Bulle and my little Matt scored 2 tries.  He had the most awesome game, had his eye cut open and played with a headband that would have Pat Cash green with envy (apparently a tight bandage around your head stops your eye bleeding??).  What made it more special was the fact that it was Nic's birthday and also the anniversary of my step-dad's death.  My mom was with us yesterday as well and she received an sms from Matt just before his game saying that he was thinking of her.  Well I think both Dickles and his Dad were with him in Kimberley.   His one try in particular reminded Dalene and I so much of how John played (he was well known for his potent hand-off) and Matthew executed the most perfect hand-off ever.  (Sorry if I am bragging).  We were all pretty emotional - the match was also on Sky Sports and my brother and his friends in London were also watching the match - many sms's backwards and forwards and I did not realise how many of my friends watch Currie Cup rugby on a Saturday afternoon.  Thanks for all the messages.  

Serious high tackle - Lucky his mother was not there
Absa Currie Cup: GWK Griquas v Vodacom Blue Bulls

Griquas have one more match against the Cheetahs next week and then Matthew will be home for a short break.  Wales now have to show their class and get rid of France and then Australia in the final.  Holding thumbs that the All Blacks falter.  I can't bear them, their war dance and since Daniel Carter is not on the field there is nothing pretty about them at all.  Richie McCaw too has gone to the dogs and I am holding thumbs that they fail.

My weekend was not all rugby.  This afternoon I completed a task that I started ages ago.  I am not 100% happy with result but I have mounted the picture and have finally hung the stunning bunting which I received from my niece Janet for a present.  I have led you to her blog, Words That Can Only Be Your Own, before  Janet is managing rather well not to spend money.  In one of her postings last week she mentioned the bunting which she made for me, so I was inspired to finish my project.

The frame which I covered with an old map.  The little boy is Theo who belongs to Jaye (our niece) and Chris in New York.  I used bits of the map of  the areas we visited when visiting 2 years ago.
 The bunting Janet made

Starting to fill the wall in the study
 Then I got a bit carried away and covered the hook thingy behind the door as well
 Another old map I bought at Cafda Bookshop for R2-00
Johannesburg 1957

On Friday I also had 6 more canvasses delivered and my passage was is starting to fill up very nicely.
Amy and Kelly are new additions
Beanie Brothers
Caroline - I messed up a bit with the picture of Gareth so that is why there is a gap

Then to close, a warning for you all, especially those of you who love vintage stuff.  I popped into a shop on Belvedere last week and bought an enamel jug for my kitchen utensils.
Old and authentic, burn marks on the bottom
Then I saw a lovely blue and white small enamel dish with a lid.  R140 - bargain, I thought.  Only to find out that the owner must have bought them from Mr Price - R59-00.  I then made myself feel a tad better by buying the bigger one for R120.  So be warned.  A bit of a cheek, I think

They are actually really good to store leftovers in the fridge.

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