"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 8 March 2012

who was in your locket?

I usually write to or ask the person concerned if I can use something personal or something sent to me via email before just posting it on my blog.  Today I haven't, but I am sure that Siobhan won't mind.  She posted this picture on Facebook last weekend and it brought back all kinds of memories of being a 15 year old girl and being in love with a pop star.

This is Siobhan's locket which she recently rediscovered.  I had to chuckle, a lovely teenage Siobhan and Morton Harket from A-ha.  So neatly cut out and inserted and made to look like he was meant to be there.  How sweet.  Who can ever forget this music video from 1982?  A-ha at their best - Take On Me - note the hairstyles, clothing and best of all the shoulder pads!!

I did exactly the same but with David Cassidy (I am a decade (or perhaps more) older than Siobhan).  In my little 15 year old brain I used to try to devise ways of speaking to him and even used to dial his fan club in the UK (could never get the codes right though). I was really sure that if he met me (or even spoke to me) he would fall in love with me.
David Cassidy

The girl I was most envious of and wanted to look like was Susan Dey (also from the Partridge Family).

My locket was gold and very tiny and almost impossible to open.  It originally had my Dad and Mom in it and I messed up the interface trying to remove their pictures (probably the reason why after David Cassidy was inserted, it never opened again).  I wonder where the locket is now and what ever happened to it?


Do you have a locket?  Apparently in the early Victorian days lockets were used to carry powder, herbs or poisons, keepsakes, good luck charms, hair and ashes.  Only in later years were they used for photographs.

Yesterday while in Woolworths looking at what they had to offer on their sale, I took a look at the perfumes (and sprayed myself liberally before the charming transvestite arrived to try and sell me stuff).   I had been wanting to try the new Swarovski Aura perfume - scary how every famous brand from cars and motorbikes to jewelry and rugby boot makers now make a perfume.  The perfume is divine but there on the shelf, also for the Swarovski range, were two lockets.  Weird that suddenly lockets were on my mind.

and a little one with lipgloss:-

Morton Harket today
Not too shabby (tinted hair?) - minus 10 points.

David Cassidy today - my aching nerves.  Silk jacket, awful pearly whites, fake tan, botox and reconstruction.  Do you think he bites his nails?  Minus 99 points.  Full marks to you Siobhan.   You win the "Early Spotter of Talent" competition.   Mr Cassidy is looking like a cross between Sir Cliff Richard and Tom Jones (same surgeon).  Scary Canary!!
And Susan Dey to-dey.  She is looking pretty good considering that she has battled anorexia for most of her life.
Ageing Barbie
Time marches on, even Barbie's lips are starting to "bleed" and I am finally over the fact that I never got through to the David Cassidy Fan Club in Portabello Road.  Things could have been so different!!

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