"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Monday, 19 March 2012

some pictures to tell a story

I have a little godchild,
Darcey (very cute, hey?)

She turned 3 last week and had her birthday party on the banks of the Liesbeeck River in Bishopscourt Village.  Do any of you know about the stunning area just off Upper Noreen Road that has been built around the river? The River Project which was started by residents in 2004 and has been developed into a beautiful oasis with benches, mushroom tables and logs to sit on with walkways and beautiful plants.  It is so tranquil and peaceful you would never know that you were a stones throw from the highway.  The children loved it.  A couple of older brothers enjoyed sliding down the banks and jumping across the stones in the river (luckily the river is very low at the moment).  The little girls too filled buckets with water while eating cupcakes all dressed up like forest fairies.
Darcey the birthday forest fairy
The mothers chatted and seemed as relaxed as mothers of 3 years old children at a birthday party could be.  It was a great idea and perfect setting for a party (for 3 year old little girls).  The mind boggles at what 7 or 8 year old boys would do with stones and a river and a potential mud slide into the river!!
Wooden walkways 
Steps leading down to the river (potential mudslide bank on the other side of the river)
Giant salvia
(sorry can't find the proper name now)
Plectranthus Ambiguus - my bestest
Uncle Charles and the Clivia
Shady bench
It is a wonderful place for lunch or a picnic.  I am not so sure if the residents are happy about all the cars and   foreigners visiting the area but what a treat to have some green open public space available.  We were only talking about the lack of places to sit outside in the Claremont area the other day.  The Arderne Gardens used to be a safe and lovely place to visit but it has changed and it is also a little too far to walk from the central Claremont area.  So please take a visit sometime to this spot, you will be enchanted (no mudsliding Kathy!!)

And then not to be undone, I thought I should show you a few more Blackberry pictures of the Pletranthus Ambiguus in my garden. 

and my ice cream bushes
and some more under the Plane tree with the Clivia (Uncle Charles did not come home with me)
(AND YES it is a big empty magnum of champagne, Aunty Norma!!)

Thanks for all you help and input on the camera front.  The camera has been ordered and paid for and will be delivered to Kathy's hotel in New York tomorrow.  Amazon.com is amazing (don't know why they did not call it Amazin.com).  I get emails every couple of hours telling me where the camera is in the postal system and reminding me that I cannot change my mind anymore.   In the end, I went with a Nikon - none of the models which I had cut my list down to but the Nikon was at a very good price and the same model costs around R3 500 in Cape Town.  I got it for about R1 600 and it worked out to be a far better saving that what I could get on any of the other models.  For the R500 saving on the Canon or Sony, I was thinking that it would be better to then rather buy it in Cape Town and have the benefit of a guarantee.  This Nikon looks great, and according to my brother-in-law Colin, (who knows all about gadgets), it is a good deal.  But I am sorry for giving you my final 5 options, asking for your advice and then choosing something else.  It is also half of what I was prepared to spend so I have some change (to buy sunglasses and replace some of the other stuff that went with my handbag).
It also takes full HD movies and those pictures where you can have everything black and white and can just pick up one colour.  
Something like this

So, your whole table of friends sitting having fun in black and white with just the wine looking red in the glasses (but that would be lying because I have white wine).  Except tonight.  Nic and I had a glass (OK two for me) of red with our very chili supper.  I am becoming a champion chili sauce maker (but more about that tomorrow).  Bedtime!!
Imagine the poppies were glasses of red wine
(and the friends had fallen under the table)
It does give you an idea of what I am talking about
Bedtime Jennifer!!!
(and no more red wine for you)

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