"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 23 March 2012

some thoughts for a friday

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Hold your head up.  Always a good idea, except when sleeping (cos then you dribble and your head nods).  Also remember, while keeping your head up, to keep your eyes on the ground should there be something you could trip over.

Take an unplanned road trip.   Yip.  I love road trips and I have a "kind-of planned" trip to watch Nic play rugby in Kuils River tomorrow.  Gareth has just given Mike and I a GPS (TomTom) which he won in a sports quiz.  With some luck I will be able to find my way as I have been known to get lost as soon as I pass Toys R Us on the N1!!  Getting lost on an unplanned road trip is fine but not when you have to find the place before kick-off.

Be Thankful.  I am.  I am thankful everyday for my family and friends and the warmth and love we share.  I also read somewhere years ago that before you go to sleep you should make a list in your head of all the things that you have to be thankful for during the day - amazing how long the list often is and when it isn't or when you are too tired you can just be thankful that you are lying down on a bed, with a blanket and a roof over your head.

Try everything once.  Mmmmmmmmmm.......  I do have an adventurous spirit but things that I perhaps thought of trying in my 20's (like bungi jumping and skydiving) to conquer my fear of heights, I definitely will not try now.  Maybe I will be one of those 90 year old grannies that you see on the front page of the newspaper taking a tandem jump to enable them to have another tick on their bucket list.  (Don't think so).  I also believe in trying any foodstuff once, if you have tried it and don't like it fair enough but how can you not like mushrooms or bananas if you have never tasted them.  I can't even think of anything that I don't like and there still is lots to try.  Have you seen this list - (100 foods to try before you die).

Colour outside the lines.  Things we tell our children but as we get older we realise that if we all coloured inside the lines the world would be very boring.  Change the rules, make you own designs but perhaps a good idea to stay on the page.  Am I understanding it correctly?

Fall in love.  Good call.  Tick.

Embrace change.  Cliche and not always easy but things will always change and best to accept change that cannot be changed - call me Confucius.

change the way you think 

Trust in yourself.  Cliche - Who else can you trust if you can't trust yourself?

Do what you love.  Wish this one was easy - Stop  work, stay home, write, garden, visit friends, see movies, drink wine, do lunch.  One day.  Keep dreaming.

Dance when everyone is looking.  Oh my word - not really for me.  Brings back a memory from about 2 years ago with a Ikey's rugby Christmas Party.  Lovely party.  I gave Michael and Matthew my "Don't Stop Me Now, I'm having a Good Time" look.  They were ready to go home and as we left the captain pulled Michael and I into the middle of the dance floor.  The team then made a circle.  Thank goodness for Michael - he is not scared to pull a few moves on the dance floor and I edged my way to the outskirts of the circle (where I danced sedately (with my handbag on my arm)).  Only afterwards in the car with Matthew and Michael did I sing the words of the song he had just danced to Michael - Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire!!  He will forever remember that song and whenever he hears it, he pulls a few dance moves.

My favourite party song or "Please don't take me home, song"

Eat dessert first.  Oooh another memory.  My father and his ex-wife had a very fat friend called Judy.  She was a total scream and we loved spending time with her in Port Elizabeth.  It was those 70's days when buffet meals were the order of the day.  We went off to the Elizabeth Hotel for a meal one Saturday night and she headed straight for the dessert trolley.  "I made the mistake once of not having any space for desserts - never again".  She tucked into her chocolate mousse while we started off with the cold fish buffet.

Be nice to everyone.  We can only try.  No promises.

Send thank you cards.  I received a real thank you letter, in an envelope with a proper stick on stamp, written in ink from my friend Linda last week thanking me for her birthday gift.  It was delivered to our office and our postman, although we have a letterbox always parks his bicycle on our front wall, delivers his letters down the road and comes back to personally deliver our post.  Old school.  I like it.

Be the change you want to see in the world.  Cliche - No comment - Delete

Play in the rain.  Fun and happens often to me as I never have an umbrella and don't mind getting wet if the weather is not too cold.

Break the rules once in a while.  Always, that is why we colour outside the lines, Silly!!

Do random acts of kindness.  Cliche - Delete

Forgive even when it is hard.   Good policy

Make time for the family.  Always

Don't count the minutes count the laughs.  Cliche - delete

I really must stop this pinning habit.  It has sucked me in completely.  What about this one?

Just be... #life #quotation 
Have to cross out "hot baths" - a torture for me, not an indulgence.  Just be.

This is more like it.  Delete whatever you read before.

One Life 
Act accordingly!!  I like it.

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