"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Saturday, 31 March 2012

the simple woman's journal

I don't know if this is where this idea started but I came across The Simple Woman's Daybook last night.  I clicked on a couple of the links and once again I was taken away into other people's lives and worlds.  Some I looked at very briefly (amazing how a font can immediately put you off reading the text) and others totally absorbed me and I wanted to find out more about the person writing it - where she lived, what she ate and who was Jeremiah?

So my friends and guinea pigs, what do you think about this format? I like it because it makes you reflect on your day, not just me but you as well.  I could not do it everyday for my blog (as some ladies do) but it is a great idea to keep you thinking.  A good posting for a Saturday, I think?

Outside my window

I did not take my tea into the garden this morning.  It was a little too fresh and after all the rain we had this week there was no need to water (lots of leaves to pick up though).  So I drank my tea looking out of my kitchen window.  The courtyard is green and lush (but it needs a sweep) and it is a glorious autumn morning in Cape Town.

I am thinking

that the new teak table has still not been treated with oil.  I need to buy the special Danish oil soon and do the job before winter arrives.

I am thankful

for the fact that tomorrow we will be heading off to Noetzie with Jan and Ellen for a couple of days.  The most special place in the world.  They have a wooden cabin on the river, you catch a canoe across the river to the beach where there is a wonderful ocean and a beach with castles and very few people.

A few pictures off the internet of Noetzie.  Rivers and forests, castles and cabins, sand and sea - Noetzie has it all.  I will have my own pictures to share next week (this is not Jan's cabin but you get the idea)

In the kitchen

there is washing up to be done. Stuff that the dishwasher can't do because it is all the bits and pieces from my food processor.   I made another couple of batches of my new chilli pesto.  Gareth, Nic and Amy love it.  The girls at office are asking for more and it is so easy to make that perhaps I should start selling it.

I am wearing

You don't really want to know.  My old, big, pink (can you believe it) sleep shirt - and nothing else (OK, my glasses).  I really hope the doorbell does not ring.

I am going

to head off to the shops for supplies for Noetzie and to the camera shop to find out about the charging adaptor on my camera.  Also planning some "girl time" this afternoon with Kathy and Dalene and the girls.  Perhaps a walk and picnic at the river in Bishopscourt Village?

I am wondering

whether Matthew is in Witbank yet.  I must give him a call.  They are playing rugby this afternoon and if they win they will be coming home for the week and not have to wait for next Thursday.

I am reading

about 3 different books and am nearly finished The Good Fairies of New York.  I have a Deon Meyer to take with on holiday and have also started The Fry Chronicles - Stephen Fry's biography.  I have the last three editions of Vanity Fair (two still in their wrappings) which I subscribe to, but never get around to reading. Noetzie has come at the perfect time.

A picture I am sharing
View from my kitchen
(Not taken this morning. Why? No dishes in the sink, Silly)

I am looking forward to

so much.  Noetzie tomorrow, swims in the sea and being lazy and coming home won't be sad because Matthew will be home for the Easter weekend.

Around the house

except for the kitchen everything smells and looks so good.  I love my house in the mornings when the sun filters through the slatted blinds.  Janette was here yesterday and she loves polishing the furniture and she cleans like a machine.  I have to move my old computer desk out of Matthew's room before tomorrow and re-arrange his furniture, then make his bed so that everything is ready for him.  From the lounge I hear the sounds of Super rugby.  The Cheetahs have just beaten the Hurricanes.  The Cheetahs are my new favourite team (after Griquas) because I have a feeling that Matthew could be playing for them soon!!  (I am a bit biased but a mother can be!!)

One of my favourite things
The Woolworths Club Pizzas we had for supper last night.  Not that cheap an option but Woolies really have the base recipe right and it is far better than any takeaway pizza (sorry Butlers).  I just added a bit of feta before cooking and then some of my chilli pesto once it was cooked.  Garnished with rocket but the avocado pear I was saving and thought was perfect was overipe and yucky (there is often disappointment in that fruit for me).  Despite the lack of avo it was very yum.

A favourite quote for the day

I have to get going.  So much to do.  Have a great weekend.

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