"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 3 February 2012

oh dear stupid, unmindful me....

After making a resolution to try and be more mindful, I have failed dismally.   Yesterday after work I visited two friends.  First a catch up, visit and some ice cold wine with Wendy (just what was needed at 5.30 after a long, hot day at the office).   My second visit was to Gill, who lives a couple of doors away from me, to look at her stunning newly painted cupboards and bathroom renovations.  First mistake, left my handbag ("de bag") in the car.  It was in a Woolworths shopping bag, but still in the car (and on the front seat).  The visit was a little longer than expected (with the bonus of another glass of wine thrown in) after which I returned happily home to hungry Michael and Nic.   On arriving home I was surprised to find that my handbag was no longer in the Woolworths bag on the front seat.  A quick call to Wendy confirmed that I had definitely left with "de bag" and then I remembered putting on some lip gloss (from the depths of "de bag") at the traffic lights before getting to Gill's house (an interior decorating consultant should always look the part and the strawberry smell may help disguise the smell of wine!!).  So "de bag" was definitely in the car and had now been removed.

There was no forced entry into the car so the only explanation is that I did not lock the car.  I always lock the car (promise - it is so easy just to press the top button and your car is locked).  So now the admin started this morning with an hour and a half at the Claremont police station with a very sweet and kind constable who wrote everything out manually in the slowest manner ever.  A trip to the bank (an a 50 minute queue at the enquiries counter) to cancel cards and get a replacement card (will have to wait 5 days for a new credit card - Michael happy about that).  I will now have to apply for a new driver's licence and identity document.  How remiss to have 2 identity documents in "de bag".  Jenny Rosslee and Jenny Kotze - I hope "the Thieves" are confused.  I was waiting for my credit card to near it's expiry date so that I could change my name from Rosslee to Kotze and now I have had to get new cards and because I don't have an copies of the Kotze identity document, I am still Rosslee on the new cards (which should arrive in about 5 days and will only expire in 2016!!).  Long live Jenny Rosslee!!

I also had two wallets in "de bag".  On Wednesday night I was given a surprise present from a friend of Gareth's in the UK.  A stunning Osprey black wallet (Osprey are a rugby side in the UK, I think).  A lovely soft black nappa leather and a smaller size than my old dinosaur one that still holds a cheque book.  I was showing it off at the office yesterday and was looking forward to the switch over this weekend and now they are both gone.

My nifty little Canon digital camera which I had nearly mastered how to use also happened to be in "de bag" (it is always in the bag) but this time it had the computer lead as well (no charger though, suffer "Thieves" and the battery was running low, suffer more "Thieves").   The debit card and credit cards are one thing but what about Dischem, Clicks Gold Card, Smartshopper, My School, Makro, Discovery, Vitality and Ster Kinekor?  When will I ever get around to replacing them all?   All those Dischem and Pick n Pay points that I had never worked out how to claim!!  What a waste.   Luckily there was not much cash in "de bag" but I did have three of Michael's Woolworth's vouchers which he had won in golf competitions - worth a total of about R550.

Then there were my sunglasses (never expensive fancy ones but I liked them a lot and there were 2 pairs in "de bag" (one for "in case")).  There were about 4 different strengths of reading glasses (+1's for watching rugby, +1.5 (and tinted) for reading in the sun, a spare +2 for "in case").  The makeup - a brand new mascara (which I did not like very much), eye drops and that very special paw paw cream that Shelley brings me from Australia.  Lucas' Papaw Ointment (can't they spell paw paw - or am I wrong?).  A miracle balm for your lips, insect bites and dry skin.  A bit like Elizabeth Arden's 48 hour cream but cheaper and better.  (Shelley better come for another visit soon).

Lip glosses and various lipsticks (also for "in case" but very seldom used) and if I carry on here much longer, the list will go one quite a bit more.  How could I forget the "handbag organiser"?  A lovely idea and thoughtful present (but it never really helped me get organised and it was used more as a sunglasses and reading glasses holder) but it was in "de bag" as well.

I am always one to look on the bright side.  At least the car window was not smashed (but if it was smashed the insurance would pay), at least I had been on a bit of a spending spree last weekend and there was not my usual bank bag of cash floating around at the bottom of "de bag", at least my notebook laptop was not in "de bag"  (it sometimes is), my favourite cardigan is sometimes in there too or tied around the strap (it has been in the laundry this week) and thankfully there were no house keys in there either.  However, one of the keys to the new desk I have just inherited from Margaret was in "de bag". That secret middle drawer will never be opened.

"De bag" was a big bag.  A lovely tan leather one that was a 50th birthday present from my mom, Dalene and the family.  I am not an accessories person and, if the truth be told, I used "de birthday bag" nearly everyday for 5 days short of 3 years (yes in a few days time I will be 53).   That makes 1 095 days (I did not take it overseas in 2010, so minus another 31 days) so I got good wear out of it but just as it was getting a bit more rustic, soft and comfortable, it is gone.   Michael is going to miss it too.  He loved it when he asked where something was and I said "IDB" ("in de bag").  He would give a very quick, token look into the top of "de bag", hoist it on his shoulder and carry it to me with his back bent telling me to try and find the treasure (he does not do "ladies bags").  Sometimes I would find it first time, other times not and most times the entire contents would get thrown out on the table or bed.

Oh damn it, I have now remembered that the spare remote to our garage was also in the side pocket.  Best I get home and check that we have not been cleaned out today because my address is in the Kotze identity document.  Michael is playing golf and we are off to Alma Cafe for supper to listen to Simon van Gend perform.  I was planning on a whole blog post about the evening and will have to make a plan to borrow a camera now.  Best I get moving.

We will begin our fights with the insurance company on Monday.  How can it be different if your camera was stolen off a table at a wedding (and you were paid out) or if your bag was stolen out of your car?  They are now saying that there has to be forced entry, that everything in your car must be hidden - in the cubbyhole (for goodness sake have they seen the size of  "de bag") or the boot (don't they know that all Margaret's possessions are in my boot?).  I need a lesson in what all risks is all about.

Have a great weekend.  Hold thumbs that "de bag" will be found under a bush in Lynfrae.

Oh, one more very important thing.  1.5 litre magnums of Villiera Brut champagne at Woolworths Palmyra Junction for R99.   750 ml bottles sell for R79.95 (do your own maths!!)


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