"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

what comes after book club?

Our book club dissolved more than 12 years ago.  Pretty hard to believe and it was a fun book club.  We did not have many members (probably 8) - but we had a male sleeping member who was quite a pleasure to have in the "club".  He paid his subscription, read the most books and sent along to the meetings a bottle of wine from his wine club. He also paid his share to the Christmas party fund (and provided a gift at Christmas) but was never brave enough to come and meet the rest of the "girls".  A win-win situation for us.  It was one of those book clubs that focused more on chatting and drinking wine than discussing books.  We did not bother with trying to out do each other with fancy cakes (because Gill would always win) and it was a chips, dips and wine affair (with coffee and a biscuit, if you were so inclined).  It often would get to 1 in the morning and we would say "oh dear book time".  We would take a whole bunch of books on appro from Exclusive Books.  The person whose turn it was could choose the first book and the rest got briefly discussed and then voted on.  Three of us worked together and the bosses were always on red alert after "book club night".

Then the mainstay of the book club was transferred to Johannesburg, followed by the treasurer and secretary (one person) who left for New Zealand.  Another moved to Noordhoek and soon it was just the sleeping male member and myself (and two others) and then the sleeping male member decided to break up with (after cheating on) my best friend (she was not a member of the book club - my best friend or the girl he cheated with).  I then did not feel the need to supply him with books and he probably thought it also best he stop providing me with wine, so that was the end of the club.  Just like that.

I am quite jealous of others with book clubs and as much as I often feel that I am missing out on the fun (I hate missing out on fun) it is not an easy thing to join an established club (for the person joining or the friend introducing).  Also, I do not read enough at the moment, unfortunately.   My mother has had the same book club for nearly 40 years.   It is quite a fancy club where you have to have excellent cooking skills as well as they provide a hot meal (my aching nerves).  It used to be supper but they have changed it to a Saturday lunch with all the trimmings.  It is quite an occasion and they dress up and everything is very posh.

Talking of wine labels.  What about starting a wine appreciation club?   The idea here would be to be able to start a bit of a collection of fine (finer than usual) wines.  It could be pretty easy.  It is my turn to host.  We have 10 or 12 members.  You come to my house for the evening. Your entrance fee is a decent bottle of wine (which we will not open).  A price would have to be set each time and this price could vary from month to month.  I will feed you cheese and biscuits and my Rockfield R26.99 wine from Pick n Pay (very good value for a very drinkable wine) or good old Chateau, if you prefer red.  We will have fun and chat and then you will leave and I will be left with 12 good bottles of wine for my collection.  We could have a name and a membership book (perhaps a card as well).   What about Vine Vixens?  It could also be a secret society with passwords and stuff.  Neat idea?  Whatuthink?

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  1. Hi Jenny,

    we have started a "book" club - actually it's more closer to being a wine tasting / chatting and good laughs club.

    where about do you reside ?