"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Monday, 30 May 2011

when you embarrass your children

wow quite a weekend.  had the fandamily over for supper on friday night as matthew was leaving early on saturday morning to go back to kimberley. always entertaining with everyone talking at the same time and jumping from one story to another.  matthew's training starts tomorrow for the currie cup.  it was so great to have him home for over 2 weeks.  the last time he was here for any length of time was at christmas and that was so busy.  this was 2 great weeks of full washing baskets and an empty fridge (amazing how quickly you forget how much milk a bowl of chocolate pronutro absorbs).

on saturday after watching amy playing hockey it was off to watch nic play rugby for uct against villagers.  amy and i did not stay for the 1st team game as she had studying to do (next time amy).  so does nic have studying to do.  anyway after the rugby i pick up some sushi takeaways and head to dalene to join the girls (who by the time we get there have finished 2 bottles of old brown in front of the fire).  out comes the white wine and as we get stuck into the sushi nic arrives to introduce a "new friend" to us.  lovely guy who looks a lot like bob but is blaine.  did this poor chap get initiated or what? as he walked down the passage my sister and kathy were shouting "ooooh it's bob, hello bob".  the 2 boys helped finish off the snacks as "rugby makes you very hungry".  they also proceeded to finish off the old brown to warm themselves up (4 party animals have now changed to my white wine).  nic and blaine (the bob lookalike, but not really) then became witness to some outrageous stories and girl talk.  poor blaine's eyes got bigger and bigger (remember the 4 ladies present had been together since lunch time (not me) and did not know any of the rugby scores (although the tv was on) or the who had won the tennis (although that was what they were getting together to do)).  anyway, blaine (bless him) and nic left to get back to their studies.  nic told me this morning that his words to nic were "and we thought we were being clever to sneak out and leave our fines meeting at the rugby clubhouse?".  (i was wondering why they did not know the final score of the 1st team match).  go girls!!

this story now suddenly ties in with today's discovery.  i have bought a whole lot of picture frames and have had my photographs out for weeks trying to re-organise them.  in the bottom drawer of my kist is a very sacred box.  the box that nicky deacon and i had put together and were going to make into our "2005 thelma and louise trip to the UK and ireland" scrap book.  sadly (very sadly) we never got around to doing it but i started looking through the box and found this bit of magic.  i am sure you will enjoy it too.

background.  nicky and i are in london staying with gareth in wimbledon.  after a day at the borough market and camden town we met up with gareth for drinks with cousin duncan. lovely evening with lots of laughs and charades.  ooopsy getting late.  gareth then made us run to catch the last tube home that we were practically hysterical once we got onto the tube.  he proceeded to pretend he did not know us while we posed for pictures. nicky's son andrew and nic had been in london previously with gareth. they had also posed for drunken pictures on the tube (i am talking about the pictures on the tube - not the drunken pictures on the tube).  we were trying to copy those pictures (wish i could find them as well but going to be difficult as my pictures are all on different compters and disks).

but this is the sequence:-

"gareth, do we look a bit like nic and andrew in that picture of them on the tube?"
(jenny trying to give herself a dimple (bum chin) and nicky trying to give herself a more prominent jawline)

"wait, let me fix my hair, i need some dreadlocks"

nicky and jenny singing mr jones
"gareth, do we sound like nic and andrew?"

"nic and andrew were never this badly behaved"
special times. no wonder matthew feels safer in kimberley!!


  1. Oh Jen, I just nearly fell off the couch laughing! I can totally picture it :) She really had a ball with you. Lots of love xx

  2. such awesome memories. i have found a treasure trove of stories to tell but am in danger of losing my day job (i wish). big hug

  3. in need of blogging lessons. how do i reply to comments under my name? no wonder everyone is saying that they cannot comment. anon is me, jenny. such a dork.

  4. Those pictures are nothing. Where's the 'pick a finger' pictures? G