"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

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remember the saying "her skin is as soft as a babies bum".  sure you do.  well you know how sometimes you ask someone what they use on their skin expecting to instantly dismiss the information gathered because the price of the product will burst your budget?  young working girls spend a fortune on perfumes, hair and skin products, pamper themselves with spa treatments whenever they need it.  sad how things so often work in reverse.  when i started working and the skin needed minimum care, i shopped at stuttafords, had the full range of juvena products (what happened to them?  probably died along with harriet hubbard ayer, helena rubenstein and max factor).   i had facemasks for night time and pep-up one for before a special date, eye-gels and serums, day creams and night creams.  along came marriage and children and the cosmetics were bought at pick n pay along with the washing powder and vegetables.  nivea has always been there, it is fairly cheap and kind-of works but my dressing table has never looked the same since the old days when i had all those wonderfully packaged beauty products (oooh and the free gifts that you used to get as well).   the way it goes i suppose. 

anyway point of this story is that i asked my soon-to-be-scottish-sister-in-law's-sister, aimee what she used on her skin.  she confessed that both she and lucie had discovered baby bottom butter at the local waitrose supermarket.  this they used as a night cream.  she shared a jar between bs and myself and we promptly instructed the bb to bring back bottles of the stuff for his rapidly wrinkling sisters.

it is pretty amazing stuff.  feels soft and waxy, rather oily when you first apply it but is soaks into your skin very quickly.  i won't exaggerate and tell you that you will wake up looking amazingly beautiful and wrinkle- free but it smells divine and it does make you skin feel super-soft.  and it costs only 2.50 pounds (what has happened to the "pound sign" on the keyboard?)

and here was a write up in the daily mail in january 2011

The creme de la creme of face creams... that's designed for babies' bottoms

By Sean Poulter

It was designed to protect babies bottoms, keeping them smooth, free from infection and sores, but it has become an anti-aging phenomenon. Baby Bottom Butter, which is priced at just £2.54, has become the top selling skincare product for people of all ages, particularly women, at Waitrose.

The pots now out-sell every skin cream, moisturiser and anti-ageing lotion sold at the chain. Waitrose's Baby Bottom Butter is now being used by women as a face cream and is currently the company's number one skincare product.

This means they are even more popular with the supermarket’s shoppers than beauty brands at four or five times the price, which are sold to help women hold back their wrinkles. The Baby Bottom Butter’s surprise position as Waitrose’s number one skincare product comes nearly three years after it achieved cult status thanks to glowing reviews on parenting websites. 

Mothers across Britain praised the budget butter for making their own faces feel soft and youthful, triggering a surge in demand that saw Waitrose sell a 14-year supply of the own-brand baby product in the space of just 12 months. 

One contributor to parenting website, mumsnet.com, wrote: 'I can't even remember what made me put it on my face one day but OMG - it is fab.
'I have been using it constantly for two weeks now and my skin now has the smoothest texture, which I don't think it's had since prepubescence.
Praise: Mothers across Britain said the the budget butter made their own faces feel soft and youthful
'And it makes my foundation look super dewy and youthful too. It is SO much better than all the expensive face creams I have tried - including Creme de la Mer.' A 100ml pot of Creme de La Mer moisturising cream, which contains extracts of sea kelp, can cost as much as £970.

The £2.54 tubs of the Baby Bottom Butter bear the slogan: ‘Naturally pure for relaxed and pampered babies’. It is a camomile-scented blend of olive oil and gentle lavender essential oil that is believed to nourish the skin and help protect against irritation.  Baby Bottom Butter was launched at Waitrose in 2005 following the supermarket’s decision to remove parabens, petrochemicals and colours from its own-label baby toiletries.  The sales success has continued despite some scepticism from beauty industy experts.

Waitrose Babycare Buyer Gemma Wright said: 'This butter for babies’ bottoms has become the top choice for mums who also love using it on their own faces. 'Its consistent popularity and affordable price tag have proved this product is no fad – in fact it now out-sells every body and face cream that

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/femail/article-1348125/Baby-Bottom-Butter-creme-la-creme-face-creams.html#ixzz1LwXj3iVq

friend lesley went over on holiday earlier this year and as i was getting worried that i was now down to my last 3 bottles, i asked her to see if she could get her hands on some.  she came back with the most divine coconut massage oil for babies in the same jar

but reported that the baby bum butter was out of stock.  it is also great but does not feel as nourishing as the bum butter.

then an announcement from waitrose:-

"We are currently experiencing some supply issues with Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter because of the recent increase in demand.  I can confirm that the product will be available again shortly.
Apologies for any inconvenience caused in the meantime."

so please don't say i never tell you any secrets.  those of you with family in the uk ask them to buy you an early birthday present.  aimee, perhaps there is a business opportunity here for you?

please don't miss me too much tomorrow.  the skin wrinkles, the bits and bobs sag and bloomin hell the teeth also start disintegrating.  last year i had a run of root canal treatments.  i was told that this affects the blood supply to the teeth so they do become brittle. well one year down the line a tooth has fractured.  would have been fine to remove it if it was not just two doors away from a front tooth.  so heading off for an implant.  not a cheap exercise and holding thumbs the hospital plan will pick up some of the tab.  will keep you posted.  but for now a picture.............

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