"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Monday, 11 April 2011

touching sides

i do not make new year resolutions anymore.  i try not to say to friends that i would love to see more of “we must get together soon” because, once too often,  it has happened to me that when i see the person at the local shopping centre (ok, the wine section in woolworths) i am embarrassed because i have not made the effort to get together “soon”, like i fully intended to do.  i do have the best intentions (most of the time).  it would be so much easier if there were not so many great people in my life.  i feel cheated that it is so difficult to spend time, even a small amount of time, with these friends.   

this is why i enjoy facebook.  i only have around 130 friends (i am a bit embarrassed to poke people, even although there are so many people i would love to re-connect with).  this must be a part of my "fear of rejection" complex. i even have a couple of  "friends" i am not entirely sure that i know.  since i have 2 dennis rosslee’s as friends i am now almost certain the first one made friends with me by mistake (the second one is my ex-brother-in-law). one very handsome, yuppie cape town photographer sent me a friend request – he was my 5th facebook friend, so i did not know that you did not have to accept these "friend requests".   he has definitely thought i am someone else – he has even tagged me in one or two of his amazing photographs – group photographs which makes it difficult to know exactly who his “jenny rosslee” is.  “she” is definitely not in the “52 year old and large” category as all his pictures are taken of beautiful, stick insect-like creatures at stunning venues on the atlantic seaboard.  i cannot de-friend him as i love his work.  i even passed on a picture on his page to bielle who was photographed by him at some designer prize giving (yes, she won a prize).  she was suitably impressed that he was my “friend” and that i had access to his work. so impressed that she has used it as her profile picture.

great picture, hey? it may, however be the end of our “friendship” when he starts reading this blog!!

and looking at the pictures above, which one is me?  maybe a reflection in the disco ball? the disco ball?

i also love facebook because of my friends who use it well.  i love janetta’s sign off’s at the end of most days - she manages to say so much in a couple of words "gatvol" "moeg" "2 133 caps" "eish..." i love the fact that i can keep in touch with christine and watch her gorgeous grandson grow (i want one too).  i have met her daughter-in-law who lives in the usa only a couple of times but so enjoy her comments on facebook as she copes with the ups and downs of motherhood.  i love seeing the progress on dee’s new holiday home and always keep track of what she is reading.  gill and i at office are able to plot daughter shelley's movements in sydney (the city, not the gardener) - she uses some application that even gives you a map of the restaurant she eating at. i have seen wedding pictures, baby pictures and sometimes party pictures which i wish i never stumbled upon. (talking about stumbling upon things - remind me to tell you about stumble upon sometime, if you don't already know)

i don’t think we should beat ourselves up about not being better friends but i do still feel guilty. time for another girls gathering.  whatusay? 


  1. Tried to comment, but doesn't seem to work...

  2. OK - got it- Forres??? Maybe this Friday before all the holidays???xx