"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Saturday, 9 April 2011

on this most awesome saturday morning

when usually i would be out in the garden, watering and fiddling around i am sitting at the computer (on a big blue exercise ball - which works like a charm and keeps my back straight - this stupid desk is too low) updating my blog. 

last night i started falling asleep watching the us masters golf (this is going to be a weekend of very late nights) so decided to have a quick peek at facebook.  it turned into a pretty long session as my newest facebook friend, victoria (BB's girlfriend's young sister in glascow) was also online.  she is such a sweetie and was really upset because someone had played the fool with her on the chatline and pretended to be ronan keating (the love of her life) - cruel joke, by the way.  anyway after our "chat" (i hope i made her feel better) i took the brave step of pressing "link" on facebook and linking my blog to my facebook profile (sounds important, and pretty computer literate hey?)
WELL, this morning i have some comments and bestest of all a faraway follower (FF).  michael's niece in leicester.  i did not know she had a blog, it is great.  i have met "jistheinitial" (how clever, why can't i think of things like that?) only a couple of times, brief encounters (like a funeral) but we have never spent any length of time together (drinking wine (lots), telling secrets and solving the problems of the world). i am her facebook friend but we do not really know each other very well.  i read the wonderful letter she wrote to her grandmother on her 90th birthday (the grand dame is 91 tomorrow) and was very touched and very impressed with her writing style. she always has interesting bits and pieces on facebook as well.  but i have now spent the last hour (and a half) of this wonderful, sunny, clear and crisp morning (when i should be in the garden) reading her blog and am blown away.  we are like family (we are, but you know what i mean), she could be my sister or my best friend.  she loves all the things that i love - cupcakes and brownies, sufjan stevens (and some indie bands i have never heard of), she has made the most incredible buntings (only this last week i bought (sorry) a bunting, don't know where i am going to put it but i saw it at our local gift shop and had to have it), maps (i love maps). the one below is wrapping paper which i bought in the states (i want to frame it but have not found the right frame (jistheinitial does framing (where is the info on that FF?))

and charity shops (how i love english charity shops, i could live permanently in england just for charity shops - and the hovis seed loaf, that mueller rice yogurt pudding stuff, the awesome little english villages, jennifer and andrea, the county pubs (dark ale) - and now to spend time with jistheinitial, share wine, listen to "not known" indie bands and get to know each other better.
oh, and i would have to include a trip to glascow to sort out the critter who nearly broke victoria's heart.

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