"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 2 November 2012

what doodles do you do?

While clearing out and tidying my desk the other day, I tore off the October sheet of my desk calendar. I had to copy a couple of telephone numbers, there were names of people I had spoken to with telephone numbers who I cannot remember why I had to speak to them, but more than the odd telephone numbers on my pad, the thing that hit me most were the doodles on the page (in fact on every page).  Arrows, mostly arrows.  Arrows shooting in every direction.  Straight ones, squiggly ones, shaded ones - you name it, they were there.  So I googled "doodling arrows" to find out what strange personality traits I have and may need to be treated for.

"Arrows show that you know which way you want to go and you have the drive to do it. The direction they point is also important. Straight up means you want to go straight to the top with loads of success and arrows pointing all over the place means you’ve got so many options that you’re spoilt for choice."

Most of my arrows did point upwards but there were also a couple of flowers, plenty of boxes and circles.  No houses, hearts or stars.  So no saying which group I fall into.

There was a young man who drew oodles
of creatures from platypi to poodles.
When friends asked him what
helped him keep his mouth shut,
He replied "I don't talk if I doodles"

I have a very talented friend who is an artist, and a photographer, a writer and nature lover (basically, a seriously creative and very wise friend).  Over a cup of tea last week, I reminded her that the first time I visited her home she was painting the most beautiful tablecloth I had ever seen.  I have dabbled in some arty stuff myself but it does not come easily to me.  I did a fun workshop in plate painting (when that was all the rage), I went to calligraphy classes (and loved it) and I also loved the time I spent doing mosaics.  I think I overdid the last one.  I still have heaps of glass and glue and mirrors, cutters to cut the mirror, boxes and boxes of broken crockery and grouting to finish off the job. I am now not a fan of mosaics at all, but really enjoyed it while I did it.

Well my friend, maybe we should call her Annie (for ease of reference), has just started a new blog about drawing and getting started in finding the artist in yourself.  It is very interesting and very informative but I am trying to persuade her to give me some basic drawing lessons to teach me a bit more about art and drawing other doodling endless arrows, squiggles and boxes. I have visions of myself painting a vibrant tablecloth for my courtyard table or sitting in a field painting an amazing watercolour landscape.

This would be my sister, she has "fit-flops"

Would you like to learn to draw?  I have a feeling that if I could get a group together we could persuade Annie to give some "Drawing for Dummies" lessons in the new year.  Let's do it.

No pressure Annie!!

Surely with the right canvas, I can paint something better than this?


  1. Jenny..it would be my privilege to guide you. With arrows like those, I can already see where we are headed!

    1. Even if I don't join in the lesson, I could always pour glasses of wine and clean brushes, I would hate to miss out!