"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 16 November 2012

have a glass of wine with this song...

We are Augustines....

Gareth shared a song with me the other day.  I did mention it last week but did not go into much detail.  I am not sure why I have been so teary lately (maybe just overtired) but I have had this song on repeat and it does not fail to get the tears rolling and goose flesh bumping.

Gareth had filled me in on the background of the song - a mother who committed suicide after suffering with mental illness and a brother who hung himself in prison - he was schizophrenic.  I have since become a stalker and found some amazing interviews that they have done.  Such humble, unpretentious musicians. Billy also looks like a cross between Brad Pitt, Gareth Rosslee and Andrew Deacon (which adds to his appeal for me).

Gareth being the media man that he is, shared this story on his blog today.  Imagine if they did come to SA and stayed with him?

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