"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 7 June 2012

i have this terrible habit...

of never finishing things.  I buy creams, potions, lotions and shampoos and get tired of them before the tube or bottle is finished.  Michael can happily use my discarded toothpaste tube for another week.  I get put off by the mushy look of what comes out of the tube and there is nothing nicer than a new tube of Aquafresh which has all its stripes in the right place.

The other evening I was looking for some Corenza C for Nic.  I started unpacking the medicine basket and once on a roll decided to give the cabinet in the bathroom a clear out as well.  Deary me.  It is not only face creams and body lotions that I never finish, it is also drugs and vitamins and homoeopathic stuff.  So many bottles that I am not sure when or why or for what I bought them. 
HoodiA Gordonii is some magic herbal potion.  I remember buying it at Clicks sometime last year.  It contains herbs that Bushmen eat off certain bushes that takes away their appetite.  Do you get fat bushmen?  It looks like I made a start on taking these tablets but why I stopped I do not know. Perhaps I was worried about developing more fat storage space in my bottom like bushman are inclined to do or perhaps it took away my thirst as well (I would hate to loose my appetite for liquid).   I remember from my junior school history that the Bushmen had to go for days without liquid and used to suck the liquid out of succulents.  Anyway, I am on a waste not want not drive and took two this morning.  Could be a problem as I am not feel thirsty yet and it is getting close to happy hour!!

Iron, we all know that iron is good for you.  Not sure why I don't take them anymore, so took one this morning.

Melatonin - this is a pretty good natural sleeping tablet.  Good for jet lag and for getting yourself back into a good sleeping routine.  Not sure why I did not finish the bottle.  I do remember reading that red wine has lots of melatonin in it.  It comes from the skins of the grapes.  You should drink red wine when you travel overseas by air.  I think I probably thought that a glass of red wine at bedtime would be better than a tablet.  Anyway I don't really drink red wine so perhaps I will take one of these Melatonin tablets tonight.

Taurine.  This I bought quite a few years ago.  It was at the time that I thought I was having a heart attack as I had a rapid pulse beating in my neck everytime I bent down or moved too quickly.  After my annual check-up it was discovered that my oestrogen levels were low, I was given a little plaster to put onto my hip every 4 days and from then on my heart has stopped beating in my neck.  Won't do me any harm, completely natural and I will take one tonight.

Arthro Guard -  This bottle has not been opened.  I think it came free with Spirulina (what a hoax that expensive little green pill was).  Michael and I took them religiously for a couple years - you could not just take one, the bottle said 8.  It had to be the brand by some German doctor and then there was something in the news that it was a total hoax and a few spinach leaves would be more beneficial to your health.  I do have a bit of a stiff shoulder at the moment. Perhaps one of these tomorrow morning?

Chromium Picolinate - Not really sure anymore about all the wonderful benefits of this natural chemical.  Perhaps it was when I thought I was diabetic and anorexic.  It seemed like a sensible tablet to take in case the symptoms got severe.  2 at bedtime tonight, 100% natural, can't do any harm.

Omega 3, 6 and 9.  Bonus - 90 capsules in this lovely clear yellow container and all three oils in one capsule.  I am pretty good at taking these but I heard that good old Cod Liver Oil is the best by far and I started taking 2 every evening forgetting about the 3,6 AND 9 in the fancy pancy container.  Must finish them before they expire.  1 soft-gel capsule tonight. 
Essentiale - liver tonic which I always buy at Christmas time.  I am a very lucky bunny never to suffer with hangovers so never really take them unless I have been a very silly bunny and had an Irish Coffee or two late at night after drinking wine and eating pizza.

Buchulife.  This was a freebie from Dalene.  She has a kind doctor friend who supplies her with free samples.  Natural gel vegi-caps.  These sounded very good for me and they were free so I popped a few.  Deary me, a couple of hours later I nearly phoned my friendly urologist on his cellphone to ask for immediate admission to Kingsbury Hospital with a chronically severe bladder infection.  The smell nearly made me pass out.  Anyone want 58 vegi-caps with buchu oil AND salmon oil that makes your urine smell worse than eating a whole can of asparagus and drinking the juice!!
Phytocor - also from the "heart attack" era.  Never opened.  Anyone for a natural cholesterol lowering supplement?  I only have 2 hands to hold all the capsules I will be taking over the next couple of weeks.

Free Spirulina - not the original German recipe.  Came free with Arthro Guard.  Anyone still believe in Spirulina?  Will check expiry date but you are welcome to it.  Spinach is also very cheap at Fruit and Veg at the moment.

Vitamin C and Zinc - A great combination.  The other vitamin I do believe in and insist that Michael takes every day.  I do take it when I feel a cold coming and now that winter is here I will start taking 1 tablet every morning again (from tomorrow).
This was from the medical basket, which is now nearly empty except for a box of Disprin, a bottle of Panada, Imodium (definitely expired but you don't want to get caught without it), band aid strips, Zambuk and Vicks Medinite.

Tomorrow will be the homoeopathic tablets that go under your tongue, all with strange numbers and combinations and the drops that also go under the tongue or in a small glass of water.  There is even a natural hormonal progesterone cream which you are supposed to rub on your wrists.  I did not notice any benefit but it is a wonderfully nourishing cream (made with macadamia nuts and avocado oil) which I have started using as a neck cream at night.  Can't do any harm? (I hope)

By the way I never found the Corenza C.

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