"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Sunday, 15 January 2012

the week that was.........

I managed four walks - 2 pretty long, 1 average and 1 lazy 
(lazy one on my own and with a sore ankle - over-trained, me thinks)
Had good chats and laughs with Gareth on our early morning walks (2)

Met Caroline's new "friend" (who Michael and I were beginning
to doubt existed) and her housemates - all nice guys, good vibes

Had a delicious half price Pepper Burger at The Barn on Monday night
(good value)

Tried enjoying a whisky and water in a long glass with lots of ice in the evening
(without too much success)
two glasses of cold sauvignon blanc is soooo much better
Made a divine swordfish supper that even Michael complimented me on 
(he not being a fan of  fish)
grilled the fish and served it with this recipe for a lemon pasta
so easy (pasta, parmesan, lemon and olive oil) 
fresh delicious fish from Southern Cross at Palmyra Junction
Pinned Image

Also found out that Meyer lemons (originally from China and I don't think you get them here)
 which you see in so many recipes is actually
a cross between a lemon and an orange
(knowledge gained)

Completed the first week back at work without too much angst
(one difficult client, lots of laughs and too much of Gill's leftover Christmas cake)

Joke of the week - an impatient Gill 
(they are not selling her HRT called Livifemme in SA anymore 
- anyone know where to get it please let her husband know (he will pay handsomely)) 
was trying to get her name and email address 
made clear to an ignoramus on the other end of the phone line
"Gill with a G, no G........
G for giraffe
I for ink
L for lettie
L for another lettie
Well I nearly fell on the floor laughing and had to leave the room before I heard what
the first word to come into her mind beginning with C (for Coulters) would be

This reminds me of the story of my friend Wendy Cooke who was running
a half marathon.  She gave her name to the lady at the finishing line 
- Wendy Cooke "Cook with an E".  
The results were printed in the paper and there was her name
Wendy Koek

Had at least 8 (half ) glasses of cold sauvignon blanc at a girls supper
which I gatecrashed last night
(I knew gatecrashers usually had the most fun at parties (and I did) but 
this gatecrasher was made to feel very welcome - thanks Judy, Nix and Jenny)

Had a lovely breakfast at the Alphen this morning
Eggs Benedict (my best - with salmon)
(Lesley and I were bridesmaids to Dalene and Tom this day, 28 years ago)
Well done guys!!
Time flies when you are having fun!!

Also saw more sunrises than I usually do,
Spent less money than I usually do (January is a very long month)
Wore my tangerine cardigan for the third time (unusual for me)
Got some bargain Plectanthus white flowering plants at Little Orchard in Constantia
(large plants for R14 - bargain)

I had a lovely evening, this evening, with my two older sons
at Tom and Dalene's house
Hayley was there too (and Dalene when she came back from her anniversary dinner)
we drank some wine
and sang some tunes,
had a few stories to relate and
they were honest
and entertaining
and we chatted about friends and marriage and rugby and
at the end we agreed that
youngest brother and son
who may be the quietest and gentlest in the family
 needed no help in
being stronger
and although we thought he needed our help
he did not
and that his strength
sets an example to us
and we are strong too
(bed time)

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