"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

i know a real film star....really, truly, i promise, i do....

On Sunday besides heading off to see the Nutcracker on Ice at the Artscape in the evening (a treat from my Mom for her girls), Gareth called to say that he had managed to download the first episode of Bomb Girls and he was having a screening at Dalene's place at 3 ("Don't be late, I will start without you!!:).   Bomb Girls is a Canadian mini-series, starring our very own Jodi Balfour.  Jodi is best friends with Bielle and ever since I have know Bielle, I have known Jodi.  Jodi has been living and working in Vancouver and filmed Bomb Girls in Toronto.  Perhaps I should have asked permission from her (or her agent) (because I am bragging big time now and I am maybe using pictures that could be protected).  However, because she is our friend,  has been in my home, help serve platters of eats and even washed my dishes, I feel somewhat a part of this exciting story (even although I am not) and I don't think she would object to a little write up on a little Southern Suburbs blog.  I promise I will never speak to People Magazine or worse still You magazine and I will only exercise bragging rights on this blog.

Before I get to the screening, meet Jodi (if you don't already know her):-

Jodi, Nic and Bielle in serious times
 in Mozambique with Nic and Bielle - December 2006
3 special friends (somewhat younger too (especially Nic))

Okay enough from the photo album - back to the show.  We sat down with a chilled bottle of wine and Bielle, Dalene, Gareth, Nic, Amy and I shrieked with excitement to find her in the opening scene (a pretty raunchy one too).  Oh my word, we knew she was in the show but did not know that she is actually the star of the show!!  Meg Tilley (an Oscar nominated actress) is also in the show.  

From the Huffington Post:-

"Visiting the "Bomb Girls" set is like being transported back to the early '40s. The six-part miniseries, which revolves around the dedicated Canadian women who stepped up to work in a munitions factory during World War II, is shot in Toronto, and has the look and feel of a "Mad Men" - "Pan Am" hybrid. Naturally, the producers took special care to capture the war vibe of the '40s, and the intricate details will be impossible to miss when the miniseries premieres on January 4 at 8 p.m. on Global TV.

Rather than stand idly by while their brothers, fathers, husbands and fiances risked everything to fight in World War II, some Canadian women assumed roles that were previously taboo -- creating munitions for the war efforts overseas. "Bomb Girls" follows the journey of five of those remarkable women."

The acting was brilliant.  It is smokey and so 1940's you feel like you were there.  The set and costumes are awesome and we can't wait for Gareth to download the next episode (there are 6 in the first series and hopefully there will be a second series - I am sure there will be).   

Meg Tilley in the middle
That's our Jodi - on the posters in Toronto!!
Serious eye-candy too
(a pity not the one Gladys was raunchy with - maybe later, Jodi?)

So Jodi Balfour, our great friend, white wine sharer, dishwasher, old Rusty Bug, Miss SA finalist and now actress and movie star -  WE ARE SOOOO PROUD!!

Watch this space!!

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