"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

time to get our bok gees going?

Did you watch the Bok team selection live last night?  I did - a pretty amusing presentation.  How silly are those caps?  Which way is the tassel supposed to fall?   Surely each player had to get properly measured for his jacket.  The jackets were perfect fits for every shape and size.  Why could they not put the tape measures around their heads as well? (however, removing the tape measure out of Francois Steyn's hair could have been a problem).  Having 3 sons (2 with large heads) it is a pretty much a standard family joke as to who can find a cap / hat / cricket helmet to fit Gareth and Nic.  My mom has got it right by knitting Nic his own personally measured beanies but I think if Gareth ever wants one she will have to find longer knitting needles for all the stitches.  Last night Michael and I ended up playing a game to gues whose cap would fit and whose would not?  That one huge lock, Johan Muller (had forgotten about him) has a surprising small peanut head for a big man.

I then went off to do some blogwork and heard Ard Matthew's slip up with the anthem.  I love Just Jinger and love his voice.  You could see he was pretty damn nervous for the first song and I ran through to the lounge but missed his mess up with the anthem.  However, this was not missed by Aden Thomas on Cape Talk this morning (he must have played it at least twice) and then tortured the poor chap in a cringe-worthy interview.  I hate getting that feeling when someone is being unfairly victimised ("Don't you know the words?  Have you heard a replay?  Do you want to hear a replay?"). I felt so bad for poor Ard, when his battery cut out, I sent Aden an sms telling him to back off.  Do they really think the poor guy would have done it on purpose?  At least he has a decent voice unlike that other Rasta rendition in France.  Anyway, Aden was big enough to say after the second call with Ard that he had received angry sms's from listeners telling him to "back off" and "not be so bolshy" (my words exactly)

Here is Gareth's article in Sports Illustrated today. 

Read it
(just click the underlined link above, Mom). 

The excitement is catchy.  Another World Cup with lots of celebrations and getting together with friends to watch on big screens (and drink shots of coffee tequila).  Kelly will have to teach us how to dance again and work will be something you do in your spare time.  The matches are going to be at around 10 in the morning (oops some as early as 5 in the morning) which does kind of distrupt the rest of the working day (and drinking shots of coffee tequila).  From the fixture list I note that Mondays and Tuesdays are the only days without rugby for September.  October moves on to more friendly weekend fixtures.  It is going to be strange to party in the mornings but I am sure we will adapt. My brother-in-law, Tom at the Mowbray will have to organise a breakfast vibe with egg and bacon rolls and almond croissants (to followed by coffee tequila).

I have a few problems, though.  Firstly, I don't wear green (actually not really big on any colour but green must be bottom of the list) and I hate synthetic, lycra fabrics so the whole Friday vibe of dressing up in a Springbok shirt is not for me.  This leaves me in black or grey (as usual) with a South African scarf (good enough, I think).  Oh and not the green and gold scarf, the flag one!! Secondly, as most people close to me know, I am a great English rugby and cricket supporter.  There is a possibility that England and SA could meet in the final. (Some may not think so but I have my ear close to the ground).  Who am I going to watch that game with?  Who am I going to support? Am I getting ahead of myself?

Silly to ask a question when you know the answer and what the reaction is going to be.  Do I want company or don't I?  Should have been the question.

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