"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 16 January 2013

queen of nothing....king of the world

I had a great day today.  It started with an early morning walk, with my camera, taking some pictures on the way to St Luke's Road to see Kelly off to school.

They were all up and ready to go and even with 32 degree predicted for today, she was having to take her blazer "because it has a pocket and I need to have a pocket for my map of the school".  

I then got home and did a few chores and headed to Wine Time for a meeting.  The meeting went well and Steve, while walking out the door made a call and in a tick, sealed a big wine order.  Being the efficient business we are, I decided to deliver the wine immediately.  The weather has been extremely warm and yesterday I put my beach towel and bathing costume in the boot of the car (one of the many lessons from John Rosslee "never miss the opportunity for a swim in the sea and always carry at least a beach towel in your boot").  The wine was delivered, I was at the end of the M3 and had an hour to spare so I headed for the beach.  After some deliberating, I decided on St James and found a parking spot without too much trouble.  This proved to be the easy part.  The beach was pretty full but there was not a free changing room in sight.  Every one of those little bathing boxes was filled with people either eating their lunch, sleeping (?) or filled with children playing.  There was one empty one which, when I entered it, I realised why it was empty.  The door would not close properly (with that smell you would not really want the door closed) so it was not going to work and I made a hasty departure.

The fact that I did not have my bathing costume on was not going to spoil my time on the beach.  I found a spot on the sand, took off my pants (don't worry I had a long top over them), lay on my towel and read a couple of chapters of my book.  I did venture into the water before leaving (again, don't worry I did not swim in my clothes) for a splash around and to get some salt water on my skin.

Driving back I stopped off The Little Fisherman in Lakeside and bought a yellowtail for supper.  It was a glorious ride back.  I had decided not to use the airconditioner and opened the windows wide and played the music on top volume (it had to be with the wind tearing through the car).  Nic had made me a new CD for the car and this song I ended up playing on repeat.  So many times that I now know all the words.

The perfect "road trip" song:-

At ten in the morning 
I was laughing at something 
At the airport terminal 
At nine in the evening 
I was sitting crying to you over the phone 
Well passing the border from a state to another 
Filled with people whom I couldn't help to relate to 
And we stopped a while at a roadside restaurant 
Where the waitress was sitting outside smoking in her car 
She had that look of total fear in her eyes 
And as we drove away from there she looked at me and 
She smiled 

I keep running around 
Trying to find the ground 
But my head is in the stars 
And my feet are in the sky 
Well I'm nobody's baby 
I'm everybody's girl 
I'm the queen of nothing 
I'm the king of the world 

And once you asked me well what's my biggest fear 
That things would always remain so unclear 
That one day I'd wake up all alone 
With a big family and emptiness deep in my bones 
That I would be so blinded, turn a deaf ear 
And that my fake laugh would suddenly sound sincere 

Now I wasn't born for anything 
Wasn't born to say anything 
Oh I'm just here now and soon I'll be gone 
I'm nobody's baby 
I'm everybody's girl 
I'm the queen of nothing 
I'm the king of the world 

Now everyday there's a short intermission 
While I sleep they start dimming the lights 
But I've seen everything I ever want to see 
Screaming "Fire!" in a theatre people taking their seats 
Watch it all go down like a stone in a stream 
If you fall for your reflection you will drown in a dream 

Tell me something real 
Tell me something true 
I just want to feel there's something left that I can do 
But I'm nobody's baby 
I'm everybody's girl 
I'm the queen of nothing 
I'm the king of the world

Funny how sometimes a very ordinary day can turn into something special.

Oh and I visited Kelly this evening and she had "the coolest day".  She also has "the coolest teacher" and a new friend called Cameron.  She did not have to wear her blazer.

One more thing, the yellowtail was amazing - Matthew braaied it to perfection and we had it with new baby potatoes, baby broccoli spears, a green salad and perfectly chilled wine.

I keep running around 
Trying to find the ground 
But my head is in the stars 
And my feet are in the sky 


  1. Ahhh summer days spent in Capetown! Every day is a special one there!

  2. Come back soon. I have spoken to a few friends (who now also love your blog) about the work you do and can get together a collection of knitting needles, wool and material for you. How reliable is the postage system - please let me have details. xx

  3. Here in the UK, it is in minus figures and snowing. I wish I was in sunny Cape Town drinking wine with you!