"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

a brand new table, brand new old stuff and other treasures

Combining two weekends in one is kind of cheating but life seems to be on fast forward at the moment.

I had put up some pictures from last weekend but never got around to posting it so here are the pictures my new table (which arrived last weekend) and my weekend's work, so here goes...........
The brand new, lovely linseed smelling square 8-seater table which fits in perfectly.  It could have been a disaster and I wish I would learn to measure and plans things better.  It fits in though.  On my new table are the beautiful flowers I received on Friday from the Rutherfords in Glasgow. Thanks so much Colette and Ruaridh.(they are still looking good today - Michael's mom commented (a couple of times!!).

A friend Colleen (an old (in the going back a long way, way) school friend, also at that school, pre-school friend (Warren and Gareth first met at Arderne Gardens Pre-Primary), Rondebosch mom and now new Facebook friend) and her husband Rory (he goes back even further to Rosebank Junior days) have sold their house on Campground Road and are moving into an apartment in Sea Point.  With some serious scaling down to do, she had a "contents of house sale" on Saturday.  Besides some long chats (and three visits) there were some real finds, which I am so chuffed about.
Silver spoons, fish knives and forks, a lovely wire basket and the beautiful square lace tablecloth (which fits the new table (and the old table) beautifully as a centre piece).  I have never used Carmen curlers but for R25-00 (I could not resist them and really for a joke).  My mother has been short of a few of the special clips and threw a couple of hints - you can have the whole set Mom, curlers too!! (maybe I should keep quiet and wrap them for Christmas).  A towel rail, a laundry basket for Nic, and some antique dumb bells.  Amy and Kathy came along on my last visit and Amy sorted herself out with some sunglasses from 1972, a slinky holey vest and couple of retro T-shirts.
Two more watering cans for me.  I now have Daddy, Mummy and Baby Bear - chuffed.
The table from my kitchen sink on Monday morning 
Courtyard looking nice and lush (where did those damn pink flowers appear from?)
I could not resist these little Christmas candle holders which were on special at Woolworths this weekend (the toffees inside, were not bad either).

After a rather busy and stressful week at work, yesterday morning bright and early, Ginny Hulse and I took a drive to Riebeeck Kasteel.  I am on the look out for a particular blue bog salvia (which is not easy to find) and about 2 years ago I bought some for the wonderful nurseryman in Riebeeck West. 

Ginny had missed out on her garden club visit to his garden so she was keen on a trip into the country.  Well we had our own personalised tour (amazing what a jar of Ginny's homemade plum jam can do).   Ginny knows the names of every single plant in the universe (she is now concentrated on learning more names of trees).  I garden by what I think is pretty and whether it is white, lilac or purple (and sometimes blue).  Ginny was in 7th heaven - the place is amazing and even his bonsai collection (which I don't usually like) was magical.  Nevermind the fact that his gorgeous bearded, barefooted, white T-shirted, tanned man had the most awesome hands and eyes (sadly (unfortunately and unfairly) out of bounds to females and was oblivious to fluttering eyelids (mine anyway).  Ginny was too busy asking intelligent questions and spotting new varieties of orchids and others things (which I cannot remember)).    And BOOO he did not have any bog salvia but will be ordering some especially for me (not really, but he did look straight into my eyes while telling me so).  He also gave me a tour of his stables and told me stories about his horses.  (This all while Ginny took off with her camera to take more pictures).  

This is a small bonsai, looks misleading with my fancy pancy zoom lens

His hothouse "temple" with amazing tropical plants (and he told us later 2 Cape Cobras)
Stunning sculpture in fish pond

My Christmas tree is still not up, David and Lucie arrived with the balance of my wedding decor stuff (where am I going to put everything?), I have also inherited some more "old stuff" from my mother and Rob who are  busy moving into a retirement "hotel".  (Feel so bad, I have been of no help in their move).  Rob could not believe that I wanted an old wire, rusted table.  It is awesome (I"ll show you next week together with my Christmas tree).  I also got a nice cupboard which I am trying to find a home for (packing space for the wedding decor).  Lots to do, my house looks like we have been burgled but hopefully by tomorrow I will have a whole load of stuff for Albertina to take with her to the Eastern Cape.  Fun times, a glass of wine and Michael Buble's Christmas CD playing full volume.  Only thing missing is Gareth who is 29 today.  He has been in Port Elizabeth for a sponsored weekend watching the rugby and only gets back tomorrow.  Help!! My children are getting old.............

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