"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 17 May 2013

another amazing morning

We are having the most awesome weather in Cape Town at the moment.  My niece Janet, in the UK, has just commented that she wonders why a summer wardrobe is needed in the UK.  Come live here for a bit Janet.  I have not yet taken out my winter clothes (not that there is much to take out), needed to use my slippers, had a fire or used a rug while watching television. Hard to believe that it is nearing mid-winter.

This morning I was collected at 8 by Annie and we ventured up into a very special public garden.  Annie knows Kirstenbosch so well and it is a treat to go walking with her and have her point out spider webs, porcupine droppings and get taken on routes that I did not know existed. She has a keen eye for detail and while I am looking at all the big and wonderful things (and trying to get my breath back), she is taking pictures of tiny leaves, dried flowers and little insects on the ground.

 Can you see Hangklip?  We could.  Camera's fault
 Time to rest, breathe and take in the view
Still quite a way to the top

Thanks Annie.  

Second greatness of the day was to get back home to find emails in my inbox with orders for wine from the wine tasting I did at an art exhibition last night.  I only took our 3 new wines - The Old School from Alkmaar Estate in Wellington and I felt really proud that they were so well received by the guests.

Did you spot the mistakes in the picture?  Cap on wine and (worse still) empty glass.  Taking my job a tad too seriously!! Also made the mistake of throwing a tennis ball to one of the three huge dogs in the background.  He did not leave my side the entire evening and I nearly fell over the damn ball and into the flower beds a few times (no fault of wine).
Not too shabby!!

Can the weekend get any better?  Will keep you posted.  Keep warm Janet!!

Did I mention these three great new wines I am selling?  


  1. I am so freaking jealous! Yesterday and today have been warmer (still cardigan weather though) but apart from that its been SO cold. Maybe I will move there!

  2. The "endless summer" we are having can only mean that the new summer will be very late in arriving. Enjoying it so much while it lasts and not complaining.