"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Sunday, 24 March 2013

series addicts

I read this article a while back and wondered how anyone could find the time to watch hours and hours of a television series, never mind over a weekend, sometimes in one sitting.

I have kind-of given up on series television as I always forget a week and then never remember what day or time the show is on.  No excuse now with PVR but still for some reason episodes do not get recorded.  I have missed out on Homeland, Modern Family, Smash, Revenge and many others.  I hate to admit it (but I will) but we watched the first series of Downton Abbey, loved it but have never got around to watching the second season and now I have completely forgotten the characters in the first season (which I don't have recorded).

I was looking through what we had recorded yesterday as our memory is nearly full.  Matthew has been recording "Smash" and "Grand Designs" and besides 3 Currie Cup rugby seasons, 2 Varsity Cup seasons, in which he features, it is no surprise that there is no space on our PVR.   Matthew told me that Grand Designs is worth watching and after watching one episode with some woodcutter building his own house in an Essex forest, I am hooked.  

So now I have to find time to watch these 19 episodes of Grand Designs but with the rugby yesterday, cricket today and golf every night since Thursday, I don't stand much chance.

I had also completely forgotten that there is a new series of "Greys" on at the moment as I really thought after the plane crash they had no choice but to finish it off forever.  However, I see that they are back, albeit all suffering from aerophobia and behaving strangely.  What happened to Mc? the one who fathered the child for the lesbian couple and who was in love with the main lady's sister (I never know the names)?  

On the public holiday last week I happened to have the remote to myself so did a bit of catch up but could only start at Episode 4 of the latest series, so I watched two episodes.  I am trying quite hard to work out what has happened since the plane crash.  It does not really matter, does it?  It is all made up nonsense so I have invented, in my mind, my own stories about what has happened but just when I think that a certain character must be dead, she appears, without a limb. Her name is Arizona (the only name I can remember) and I must confess to getting quite a fright when she appeared.  She seems very angry too.  Ohio should watch out.  Mc? is definitely dead because in two episodes he has not featured but the other Mc? is there but with a sore hand and he cannot operate anymore.  There is a very pretty new intern (who gets vomited on all the time) and I am sure that the gingered haired ex-husband of the squint oriental doctor (who irritates me to death) (why does she never ever smile?) is going to get together with her (the pretty vomited on one, not funny eyes) - probably also in a cupboard where they all seem to have sex - even the big, loud, bulging eyes fat one who has the hottest guy in the show after her (weird) and, even more surprising, she fits into the cupboard!!  Then there is the religious red haired doctor who has the hot green eyed doctor chasing her and they ended up in the cupboard together but he left the cupboard when she started apologising to Jesus for being a bad person because she was enjoying her "dessert" so much.

Did I say I don't get caught up in "series shows"?  Please does anyone have this latest series of "Grey's" for me?  I feel like I am missing out on something


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