"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 13 September 2012

wine vibe....

I have never tried to sell stuff on Just Stuff - it is not really my style.  I will tell you about horse shampoo and where to buy it, I will mention, in passing, a special at Woolworths or recommend a wine but I have never used this platform to sell any products.  I am still not going to do any selling, it is all about sharing. 

Steve is a good friend, an entrepreneur, a comedian, a smous.  He sends out an email every couple of months with wines that he has to offer.  Here is his email:-

Hi Guys it's been awhile..

I have a couple excellent deals on whites for spring especially the Matumi Chenin Blanc from Lourensford (export label) which received a 4 star in the Wine Decanter. It is off dry on the palate with lots of zesty tropical fruit with a ripe floral nose..

The Cape Beach Sauv Blanc 2012 is unbeatable at R20 a bottle and something to stock up with for summer (see tasting notes).  I think the Horse Mountain Chenin with its full mouth apricot flavours brought about by the vigonier (15%) is excellent but my favourite is definitely the Knorhoek Sauv Blanc 2011.

Finally I have secured 30 dozen Neil Ellis 06 Cab/Merlot which scored 88/100 in the Wine Spectator, this is something very special and retails at around R250 per bottle.

You know the deal, money in the bank seals the deal..

Cape Beach Frizzante R20
Cape Beach Sauv Blanc 12 R20 
Herons Nest Reserve Chardonnay 11 R25
Knorhoek Sauv/Chenin 11 R25
Matumi Chenin 11 R30
Horse Mountain Chenin/Vigonier 11 R30
Knorhoek Sauv Blanc 11 R50
Horse Mountain Michelle Cab/Merlot 10 R35
Vyf Skepe Pinot Noir 10 R35
Graham Beck Shiraz 07 R40 unlabelled
Neil Ellis Cab/Merlot 06 R100 88/100 Wine Spectator 

"laughter is an instant vacation"

Lourensford Wines, Matumi, Chenin Blanc, Western Cape 
Tasting notes
Decanter Rating: 
Big, ripe, floral, zesty nose with pear, peach skin, citrus and tropical fruit. Off-dry palate with lots of tropical fruit flavour and an attractive layer of minerals. Compact, long, food-friendly style. Alc: 14%. Drink 2011-13. (16.67 points)

Tasting note: Medium red, purple in colour. Bright plum, cassis and fine minty touches. mouthful palate with plummy like fruit, balanced by firm but accessible tannins.
Variety: 55% Cabernet Sauvignon, 45% Merlot
Origin: Stellenbosch
Soil type: Predominantly decomposed Granite.
Harvest date: As per variety. Merlot commencing 26th February 2006 and Cabernet Sauvignon finishing mid March 2006.
Yield: 6 tons/ha or 39 hl/ha
Harvest stats: Grapes harvested between 23.2ºB to 25.6ºB
Vinification: Fermentation initiated in stainless steel tanks and underwent a series of pump overs until dry. Further maceration allowed before drawing off and light pressing.
Maturation: This wine spent 16 months in French oak barrels of which 25% was new. Balance 2nd and 3rd fill barrels.
Bottling date: Bottled in November 2007.
Alcohol: 14.5%

He sells out pretty quickly, so email him - s.ackermann@mweb.co.za - if you are keen and he will send you his bank account details and you can make arrangements for delivery or collection.


Oh my word I had just found the picture above to put up on this page and my brother-in-law sends me an email with a joke (you will see the connection at the end).  He had a moan to me the other day that he is the only family member who has never been mentioned on my blog "It is like I do not exist in your life".  He had never bothered to tell me before that he reads the blog.  Now I have a chance to mention him, so mention him I will.  

His name is Tom, he is married to my beautiful sister, he has two lovely daughters and two weird, neutered, male sausage dogs (who spent the entire night last night mounting each other), he only drinks Amstel, bowls is his job and his passion (as are all other sports), loves to braai chops (nickname "Tjoppie"), he is the most laid back, chilled guy around, he loves my boys (and they him) and he signs off his emails to me "your ex"   Why "your ex"? Because........(confession time).............., I went out with him for a couple of days a long, long time ago.  Amy would call it "we had a vibe".  "Vibe-ing" is what you do these days (we had a lesson from Amy and Kelly around the family dinner table last night).  "Vibe-ing" is when you kiss a boy (maybe even a couple of times) but are really just friends and stay friends afterwards (and don't kiss anymore) and just "vibe" together (hang out, I suppose).  So that explains exactly what Tom and I had and still have "a vibe" (Right, Tom?).

Are you all shocked?  Don't be and don't worry, Dalene knows all about it and in fact when Tom asked her out (a few years later), I encouraged her ... "He kisses nicely, go for it"

Not sure why the turkey baster is between his legs (just they way he rolls)

OH and now for the joke.... a tad risque but what the hell, you got a tip for some good and well priced wine, you got a confession, you got a picture and now a joke....

Morning. You girls will enjoy this:-

"Morning Sex" 

She was standing in the kitchen,preparing our usual soft-boiled eggs and toast for  breakfast, wearing only The 'T' shirt that she normally slept in. 

As I walked in, almost  awake, she turned to me and said softly, 
"You've got to make love to me this very moment!"

My eyes lit up and I thought,  "I am either still dreaming or this is going to be  my lucky day!" Not wanting to lose the moment, I  embraced her and then gave it my all; right there on the kitchen table.

Afterwards she said, "Thanks," and returned to the stove, her T-shirt still around her  neck.

Happy,but a little puzzled,I asked,"What was that all about?" 

She explained, "The egg timer's broken."

Have a good day
Your ex


  1. Wine for R20?!! So jealous, you can't get a bottle for less than £5 here nowdays (unless it's really grim paint stripper stuff).

  2. I will have to investigate the price of shipping some to you. I am sure it would work out cheaper than what you are paying and it is definitely NOT "paint stripper stuff"