"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 2 June 2011

roland or gross? roger or rafael? tennis or golf?

this morning i caught an interview on the radio with rafael nadal and i felt a little sad.  he was asked a question about the federer djokovic semi final and he was just so very nice "it is going to be something watching the number one in the world playing the number one tennis player of all time, no?" (or something like that).

why did i feel sad?  well really because i miss watching tennis.  i am quite jealous of the passion that wendy and liz have for tennis and the fact that they hardly miss a match especially when rafael is playing.  in the old days i used to watch wimbledon for the entire two weeks (i did work half days in those days) -  the ladies final on the saturday was quite an occasion and we had the champagne and because strawberries are not available in june we found out that if we put kirsch into our champagne it added to the atmosphere and tasted better than strawberries (over-rated fruit). we did have strawberry jam on our scones however.  remember those days cheryl? 
i was wondering why i have lost my passion for tennis and i think it is because i cannot choose between the rafael or roger.  yes, i know they are complete opposites but i like them both.  if i was 19 years old and stuck in the lift with both of them i know i would be able to choose one (the sweaty, muscular, gladiator) and find my passion but for now watching them play and just admiring each shot, not wanting either to win or lose is not that exciting even although the tennis is.  funnily enough on friday i will be watching and shouting for the sweaty, muscular, gladiator as he takes on andrew murray.  what a brat he is?  and that horrible mother? i also hope that roger cleans up novak and then the 2 maestros can take on each other in the final.  then i don't have to concentrate too much because i don't care who wins.

two completely opposite players - roger the well-dressed, neat, old-school, handsome, no-emotion, no-sweat, no-grunts, swiss precision, perfectly balanced player compared to the scruffy, long-haired, boardshorted, muscular, powerful and passionate spaniard.  a bit like bjorn vs mcenroe but the bottom line being that they are both really nice guys and gentlemen.  when nadal is interviewed after losing it goes something like this, "why must i be upset? my opponent did play better than me, no?”

unfortunately i think sport needs its bad boys.  on sunday we watched a lot of sport.  and we messed up.  we were watching the golf and then the 7's rugby.  after australia scored after half-time to go 27-7 up (around there) we switched to go back to the playoff between luke donald and lee westwood.  again a dilema of who to support.  i like them both but was pleased that donald went to number 1 for the first time (and his little girl is too sweet).  i miss tiger.  i miss the banter in the lounge late at night with michael and matthew in shock and disbelief that i could be shouting and cheering for the man.  i love it when he pumps the air, when he sulks and most of all when he is on top and smiling (have not seen that for awhile).  i know he does not have the most endearing personality but ernie too has the personality of a pencil (and speaks like gerry coetzee).  give me sergio, mcilroy and of course in the old days nick faldo.  so while watching the playoff where westwood ended up in the water (poor poor nice guy) and donald kissed his baby, and i did not really care who won, we ended up missing out on one of the best comebacks ever in 7's rugby.  silly.

and to end off (and i promise you gareth this is not why your mother has chosen to write about sport today), i have to use this post to let you know that matthew is on his way to port elizabeth.  he has been chosen to play for the premier XV (coached by brendan venter and with a host of overseas springboks and 7's players in the side) who take on the ep kings at 3pm (and it will be televised).  not too bad for "the runt of the litter" as he was once called (in the nicest possible way) because he was a skinny, spikey haired little thing unlike his 2 big bruising brothers who used to put him in his indoor bouncing swing and see how high he could fly.  good luck matty (i know he does not read this so he won't be embarrassed). 

so the decision is made i won't be switching to the golf or the tennis at any time on saturday afternoon.  and i am not inviting those "girls" around to drink and talk!!!


  1. Oh - that's so special - proud Mommy!!! I'll be watching for sure - and won't drink or talk!!!!

  2. Wish we could see the game, good luck Matthew!

    Did you know Roger Federer's mom is from PE?? I always root for him because he is one of us!!!!

  3. you must ask uncle colin - he manages to see matthew play matches that even i don't get to see - all on his computer. i did know that his mother is south african and he has bought a holiday house in noetzie, near knysna. one of my favourite places in the world. not sure whether he visits - probably for his mother.

  4. his 2 big bruising brothers who used to put him in his indoor bouncing swing and see how high he could fly!


    So good to hear about Matt, all the best with the rugby.

  5. i think i should become a psychic - who are we going to choose on sunday - ROGER me thinks