"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 12 April 2013

catch bull at 4...

I have a house full of flowers - one of the perks of doing lots of entertaining (and a cupboard full of chocolate).  I helped organise and did the decor for a dear lady's 80th in a church hall last Friday.  It was like being in a time warp and hats off to the WA who catered for 100 people at R10 a head (and there was heaps left over).

Some of the flowers still on my window sill
The happy Birthday Girl in her Easter bonnet
The choir ladies sang some lovely songs

 There was even a gentleman or two dispersed between the many woman
 The flowers returned from the "church hall" party, were recycled for the "Meet the Fokkers" party that same night 

"Meet the Fokkers" on Friday night was where I introduced my family and some friends to Michael's Boston brother Derek and his wife Judy who have been in Cape Town to help sort out Michael's mother's flat
A tea party for 100 in the church hall was easy compared to 19 robust guests around the table
(not the best picture, somebody's hands are flapping, the faces are out of focus but don't you love how the light hits my "fancy" glasses?)
Judy and her new best human cow
She has a passion for cows - she collects them and they are all over her kitchen.  Nic made a really good cow in the "Onesie" that Lucie found for him in London.  For those who don't know "Onesies" are the new "in" thing.  Not to sleep in - they are like a babygro (which you would normally sleep in) - but you can go to parties in them (if you are thin and young and desirable - otherwise you could just look like a cow and you may as well just go to bed in it (but if you have to get to the toilet in a hurry, you could be in trouble)).  Amy and Kelly have educated me, so if you want to really be with it, get yourself a "onesie"!!  Cheap at the price from Primart in London.

Monday night was the finale of our art lessons with Annie. A wonderful 6 weeks.  We can't let her go so easily though.  She is a wonderful teacher and the group have loved every lesson
Serious ladies and not aware that I was taking a picture
Dalene and Liz drawing their hands - concentration important
My hand - I blurred this picture on purpose so you could not see the deformities

Yesterday was tourist day for me.  
The Catwalk at Fish Hoek
A lovely day with the Bostonians - Fish Hoek, Simon's Town, Red Hill and Noordhoek
Lunch in Simon's Town
Water's Edge where Derek and Judy have spent lots of time with the Brown family
A few weeks of quality time, sorting through papers and pictures, walks on the beach, many chats around dinner tables, ice coffees, more than a few bottles of wine, chatting and questioning and remembering 
Special times with a very special couple
and very sad to say goodbye tomorrow
we have a 10 year visa!!!

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