"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 2 May 2014

today i believe

Number 1 - that my mother was right - never eat a banana or cheese (and especially not both) before going to bed or you will have bad dreams.

After saying goodbye to the "art ladies" last night, I realised that besides a couple of handfuls of nuts and some chips and dip, I had not had any supper. Too late to do anything but I thought I had better not go to bed hungry. A banana and chunk of cheese before brushing my teeth would do the trick. Well blow me down, my mother was right - and, indirectly me too, as I always told the boys not to eat cheese before going to bed because they would have bad dreams (How can you tell your children things without having any proof?). So at 55 years old, I finally had proof. I had nightmares about dragons and spiders, hospitals and drips, bruised zombies chasing me down hospital corridors and a couple of others, featuring an old boyfriend and too scary to mention.

They were "big" dreams

Number 2 - that autumn in Cape Town is definitely my best season.  Clear skies, sharp colours, crisp mornings, warm days and nights not yet cold but delightful to be snuggled under your duvet.

(and, not forgetting the hundreds and thousands of leaves that need to be raked and bagged every day)

Number 3 - that sometimes an impulsive, last minute decision to invite some good friends around for a meal turns into one of the best decisions of the week.

Number 4 - that a walk in Kirstenbosch in autumn is good for the soul

Number 5 - that a change of attitude is sometimes essential to your well-being.  I was stuck in chaotic, noisy traffic on Main Road, Woodstock today. There was no way out and I could not decide which group were the most dangerous, the pedestrians, the taxi drivers or the bus drivers. I was irritable and could feel the pulse beating in my neck. "Silly Girl", I said to myself (sternly). "Why are you acting like them?", I questioned myself (gingerly). Change was needed. I put the music on a bit louder (still acting like them), slowed down and drove like a little old lady going to church on a Sunday morning. I stopped to let pedestrians cross in front of me, I smiled at taxi-drivers and waved them on as they cut in front of me and buses were given as much space as they needed. My neck stopped pulsating, I felt calmer and I got home in one piece in probably exactly the same time. 

Number 6 - that some things you will never be too tired to do. I am forcing myself to stay awake until midnight and playing on the computer to keep alert. It would be so nice to jump into my cosy bed with crisp clean sheets and dream good dreams but I am collecting Nic from the airport on his cheap late night flight. He is home for two weeks to attend some lectures.

"What happens when you blow your nose too hard at altitude"

Number 7 - that tomorrow is going to be awesome too. Special girls, courtyard, sushi and wine (No cheese - It gives you bad dreams!!).

Have a wonderful weekend

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