"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Friday, 21 February 2014

back in the saddle

This first week back from holiday and I need another one.  Holidays are never long enough but returning home this time was not great.  The burglary was really unnecessary and trying to make lists and remember what I had in various drawers, cupboards and jewelry boxes is proving to be difficult. Our entire bedroom was ransacked.  Re-assessing the security at our house, waiting for reports from security companies and getting repairs done is also an unnecessary irritation.  I have an ability to be positive about most situations and this one is no different.  I am grateful that nobody was at home or hurt (and that they left the majority of my birthday presents alone). These guys were obviously young drug addicts as our medicine cabinet and all medication was cleaned out. So who knows what they would have done if they were disturbed?  Or if Gareth had left his puppy in the house (as he very nearly did).

The closest I will get to a grandchild (for the moment)

I have managed some fun stuff in between the admin and waiting this week. A swim at Dalebrook in the rain on Wednesday is high up on the list.  It was perfect weather when I arrived in Kalk Bay but I was hungry (like a wolf).  I parked the car and headed towards the shops to find a takeaway to eat on the beach. I could not resist stopping at the nursery (and then the second hand shop). Then, surprise surprise, I bumped into Lucie (my sister-in-law) and her folks who are visiting from Scotland.  We decided to pop into the Brass Bell for a drink (too early for gins, so rock shandies all round).  A quick catch up and the hungry wolf said goodbye and headed to

There I bought a Cajun chicken roll with chive yogurt dressing (and the biggest custard slice you ever did see)

With my purchases balanced under my arm I headed back to the beach. Some lunch, some sun and a swim!! Yeah!! 

A quick change into my costume, beach nearly to myself, except for one person in the water. By the time I had finished eating my delicious lunch the clouds had come over (I really should have kept the custard slice for afternoon tea).  I did not heed my mother's instructions of "waiting an hour before swimming after a meal" either.  As I got into the water the rain started pouring down (really pouring).  The water however was superb.  The one lady in the pool was the most enormous lady I have ever seen - AND she changed on the beach.  Even after my substantial, calorie-laden lunch, I did not feel too bad.  I tried not to stare (but I did) as she rolled out of the pool and then proceeded to strip out of her costume into her, now wet from the rain, clothes. I know I taught my children not to stare or to comment on large ladies but this was really something that will stay, imprinted in my subconscious mind forever. (No more custard slices, Jennifer).  That delicious custard slice is also imprinted in my mind forever.

Yesterday I had a helper.  My friend Janetta came to help with a big delivery for an art auction.  Janetta is a mine of information and told and showed me shops in Prime Park (where the Wine Time warehouse is) that I did not know about (and I have been coming here every day for over a year).   I have seen them but did not know that that most of them have factory shops (a biltong shop, a Woolworth's cosmetics shop, a place to buy cotton twine, Woolworth's corporate clothes (no need to go there), a bargain place for cold meats, a bar supply shop and many more).

We loaded the car with wine but Janetta was not finished yet.  Another trick up her sleeve was this shop called Foodies (Leo Road, Diep River) which sells all products which are either over their sell by date or about to expire. Something that does not worry me much.  So we had a little spree.  

Finn Crisp R9.50, Olive Oil R39.50, Kraft salad dressing R5.50, 
Miracle Whip R5.00

The car was laden with 35 cases of wine and we now had bags of expired foodstuffs rattling around on the top of cases of wine on the back seat. We did a few local deliveries and Janetta made more friends at the auctioneers. She really can chat to anyone.  Thanks for your help, the entertainment and shopping education Janetta!

And today is Friday. The security company have sorted out the alarm system, I have a few deliveries to do, then lunch with Kathy and Dalene (hopefully sushi).  Tomorrow a baby shower and a hen's party.  Let the weekend begin!!

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