"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 12 September 2013

a couple of weeks merged into one

No time to blog of late.  Trying hard to get into creative mode but things have been crazy.  A sister admitted to hospital on a Friday, a son injured in a rugby match on the Saturday, becoming a stand-in teacher to 12 two and half year olds for a week, doctors appointments for Nic for scans which showed about the worst knee ligament, tendon and nerve injury ever, an operation for him the following week (lucky little sister was feeling a bit better), a few days in hospital for him and now at home confined to bed.  In between this we have received a consignment of wine which has flown off the shelves and needs to be delivered - business really taking off and I am beginning to understand the expression "If you need something done, ask a busy person".   My life three weeks ago was so empty!!

I have not had the pleasure or opportunity to be in the company of 2 and 3 year olds for a long time. I had been given some pretty strict instructions from Dalene's hospital bed and file full of notes (even the meanings of certain words that a foreign little boy uses). 
Rule Number 1 - No favourites!!  Meet Mallie.
 Some of the cutest little people I have ever met.  Adam and Sammy
Tori and Nicholas (not forgetting Mallie in the background).  Without Tori I would not have coped.  She knew where everything was kept, how to open a "stuck" cupboard, she made me tea in little cups and fed me plastic "chopolate", fried eggs and toast.  She chats non stop.  Nicholas takes no prisoners, he is the smallest of the boys but definitely a Springbok scrumhalf in the making.
I decided to have a baking day.  Dalene look amused and wished me luck.  I now know why.  As fast as I handed out the Marie biscuits, they ate them or broke them.  The same little boy that eats the play dough at morning ring thought my icing was play dough too, grabbed a handful and shoved it in his face.  A face full of chocolate icing it did not take much to have him bouncing off the walls.

and Lucie who kept a place for me at lunchtime and who (sometimes) shared some with me.  (Rule No. 4 - "Don't eat their lunch")

It rained all week.  We could not play outside much, the classroom is pretty small (but cosy) and I was surprised at how good these little ones were.  I did not know the words and song for the Letterland alphabet (What the hell was wrong with A is for Apple, B is for Ball??) or the words and actions for the many songs that they sing.  They had a couple of fights over cars, a few wet pairs of pants - thank goodness for Rea, the nanny and assistant who also changes many dirty nappies in a morning. I don't think I could have managed that on an empty stomach.  I broke many rules, I had a few favourites, I let them take toys home (only my favourites), we jumped on the beds and moved the kitchen onto the mat to have a tea party (Tori: "Dalene says we are not allowed to move the furniture around the room").

I now know why my sister needs an afternoon rest.  

From putting socks and shoes on 2 year old Nicholas, I rushed home to help 27 year old Nic put on his socks and shoes.  That was for the first week before the operation. Since the operation he has been flat on his back with his heavily bandaged and braced leg set in a straight position.  Not an easy time for him and a busy, sleepless time for me.  I sleep with my phone on vibrate under my pillow and he sends me a message whenever he needs help.  He needs to take his medication, his leg needs to be moved and his wee-bottle needs to be emptied.

He has a thesis to submit, his final law exams around the corner and a long period of rehab looming and still manages to smile, be positive about things and thanks me every time I run through after being called...."Mommm". 

He wrote about his injury here.

New wines packed to the rafters. It is the best feeling to see the hard work paying off, sales are good and we have money in the bank (and plenty of stock).  I am dreaming of a week in Plettenberg Bay in a couple of months or I should dream even bigger...Hong Kong, New York (London or Paris).

Back in bit..........

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