"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 7 January 2015

january - first page of the new book

What a day in Cape Town! It started early with a walk from Kalk Bay to Fish Hoek with Nicky, a swim at Dalebrook, my first taste of a C'est la Vie cinnamon twist and a strong black Americano. A quick swim in Nicky's pool and back home to get some cleaning chores and Wine Time work done.

Now here I sit at the computer downloading some photographs for my new email and at the same time eating a packet of Lays crisps and drinking my first beer of the year.  It must be 35 degrees outside and not conducive to working. It still feels like holiday time.

Starting my new diary last week made me realise that it is important to set some goals for 2015.

There are many things I do want to do this year and these are some scribblings that I have already made in my book.

To read more - I have already read two books this year. Ben Elton's - Two Brothers and JoJo Moyes - Me before You.  Both good reads and I have now started Paulo Coelho's Adultery.  Every January I start off like a train and then my reading fizzles out a bit. I will keep a log book of books read this year and try to read a bit every day.

To travel - Michael has a family reunion in Canada in August and we hope to travel to the UK and Scotland first. Michael is not the most adventurous traveller and a trip to Hermanus is far enough for him. We have procrastinated for too long, there will never be enough money, work commitments will always be there but last year I saw fit people die, friends battling cancer and others getting suddenly old and frail. Sometimes you just have to do things and not waste time waiting for the right time, saving and planning for the event.

To push myself harder in my business.  Things at Wine Time are going well but I am inclined to get myself into a comfort zone and wait for things to happen. Unfortunately (or fortunately) money does not motivate me but with travel on the cards, it would be good to increase our business database, get more customers and earn more money. The potential is all there and we have had a good year. Our warehouse is full and most of  the wines paid for, we have bought a brand new van for deliveries and we get so much positive feedback from our customers about our wines and service. For the first time I have a job that gives me time for myself and I am happy and content with what I am doing. Morning walks and swims and a job that is physically tiring and gets me out and about with a good balance of time alone and time with people. This makes me very happy.

To never miss a chance to swim in the sea. An old bathing costume and beach towel is a permanent fixture underneath my car seat.

To continue to explore my creative side. 

Art classes this year have been awesome and have taught me that everyone can draw and has their own style and flair. A lovely group of ladies getting together once a week, for a couple of hours, with pencils and wine is a wonderful way to end a day.

Gardening is something else I would like to do more of and learn more about. It must be one of the most rewarding hobbies to dig and plant and water and at the end create something that gives you so much pleasure.

To try my best not to spend money on unnecessary stuff. A sucker for grey and black t-shirts and vintage stuff for my kitchen and garden (which I do not have space for). Time to avoid the shops and make do with all the excess that I already have and give away what I do not need.

To keep walking and stay fit and strong. I could say lose 10kgs and cut back on the wine - BUT WHY? 

To visit new places close to home. Nicky has made a list of places in Cape Town that she wants to go to.  Dalebrooke this morning was one that she has now ticked on her list.  Driving home she told me about swimming in the Silvermine dam (which I have not done for 20 years) and how beautiful sitting on the verandah at Chart Farm is (can you believe that I have never been there?). So there are two more for my list. I will let you have my complete list next week.

Counting my blessings everyday. The bestest husband in the world, healthy and happy children all making new lives and careers for themselves, a healthy mother and an extra special family, so many wonderful friends, food and wine in the fridge and more grey t-shirts than any girl could ever want. I am blessed!!

It is indeed brave of me to publish this picture (hence the reason I have kept it small) but it is the only picture of the boys and I taken together this Christmas. 
It is a special one, taken in the rough seas on Boxing Day (on the day when I did not win the race into the water) of my three sons who are best mates and still little boys at heart and who give their mother much joy

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