"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Wednesday, 9 April 2014

two topics on everyone's lips...

The Oscar trial has overtaken the overworked "Banting Diet" as the top dinner table topic at the moment.  I have been surprised at how seriously friends and family are taking this whole trial (even more seriously than "Banting").  This week I joined the "serious ones" and am hooked and intrigued (on the Oscar trial not the Banting Diet).

It has been hard trying to juggle wine deliveries, mountain walks and admin work around what is happening in Pretoria.  The radio coverage has been great (except today when they had some stupid election debate being broadcast live from Cape Town).  I listen in the car, I have a radio at the warehouse and on certain days, I have rushed home hoping to see some live action on television and have been disappointed to find that court has been adjourned for some reason or other.  Channel 199 is on every evening and I have even tried to set up Nic, in Pretoria, on a date with "Ask Emma" (isn't she lovely? (and clever and articulate)).

I do admit to having a problem being judgemental and not having an open mind but, from that fateful Valentines day, my mind was made up.  He was guilty.  I am not moved by his sobs or tears, I think his vomiting is staged (how did they just happen to have a bucket ready for him?).  I am, however, pretty impressed with the way he presents himself and the way he talks (when he is not whining or sobbing). I do have some heart and I do feel sad when I see his sister's sad, pretty face and wonder whether she knows the truth (surely she must know?) and my heart breaks for Mrs Steenkamp and what she must be going through.

The questions I have been asking:-

1.  In all those Whatsapp messages with "Boo" and "Baba" and other terms of endearment, how many times did you see or hear the words "I love you"?  There were plenty "I miss you" "Wish you were here" messages but I did not hear Barry Roux or Oscar read out those 3 words once.

2.  How many woman in a "loving relationship" lock the toilet door when they go to the bathroom in the middle of the night?  How many woman even close the door in the middle of the night? 

3.  How many woman take their cellphones to the bathroom in the middle of the night?

4.  Why, when you are so paranoid about crime and safety do you sleep with your balcony doors open?

After today I am confused about some of the questioning and why the fan(s) are so important.  What is the significance of the two fans (the second fan apparently was not even plugged in and could not be plugged in)?  I was also puzzled yesterday as to why Oscar suddenly mentioned that Reeva had woken up and spoken to him before he moved the fans.  The whole thing is a puzzle, which hopefully will all eventually fit together.

It amused me that he messed up with the opening of the Valentine's Day present, saying that he only opened his present 6 months later on 8 August ("Reeva's birthday").  Reeva's birthday was not the 8 August but the 19 August.  How well do you know someone in 3 months? He wanted the pretty blonde on his arm (even although he did not like her accent or the way she chewed gum) and she wanted to promote herself to celebrity status and was happy to be the pretty blonde on his arm.

It is all very sad but my heart has not softened.  To me whether it was Reeva or an intruder behind the door, it makes no difference.  To shoot 4 shots with those terrible bullets at close range through a door shows an intent to kill.  He committed a murder.  After seeing him at a shooting range firing a gun like a madman at a watermelon, laughing hysterically and saying "just like brains" was seriously scary.

I am worried that the judge seems to be showing some sympathy towards Oscar but Gerrie Nel must have some more aces up his sleeve.  Please say he will not be let off because of police inefficiency?  Surely he will be severely punished for what he did?  Too many questions?  Overworked topic?

Anyone know where I can buy a cauliflower in the Southern Suburbs?

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