"let your boat of life be light, packed with only
what you need - a homely home and simple pleasures, someone to love and someone to love you,
enough to eat and enough to wear
and a little more than enough to drink:
for thirst is a dangerous thing"

Thursday, 27 March 2014

good times and nice things

As much as I have enjoyed this long balmy summer, the change of seasons in March and September are my very best.

A short, brisk walk in a blustery north wester and some light drizzle this morning 

and home to a cup of tea and some Grape Nuts

My bestest breakfast cereal ever. Lucky my brother and Lucie travel lots - Grape Nuts are very much cheaper in the UK than on our shelves so they are always on my request list. I got a new box on Sunday so I had a new spring in my step to get home quickly this morning.

My lounge is still filled with flowers and table mats and birthday decorations from Michael's birthday supper on Sunday night

I cannot believe that Proteas were never my favourite until recently
Now I cannot get enough (a similar thing happened to me with peanut butter)

Looking through my pictures from the weekend, there were lots of favourites.

Babysitting Alfie for two nights while the owners were at, yet another, wedding. He is the sweetest and lovely to have him visit (and dig up the garden a bit).

Watching Amy get ready for her first matric dance.  She handled the abuse from her cousins for attending a "Wynberg Boys" matric dance in her usual polite way (she can handle them well).  She also did not mind the fact that a whole crowd of supporters (and Alfie) arrived at the school to watch her arrive on the red carpet. 

Michael and I had special birthday dinner at Myogo at the Vineyard Hotel on Saturday night.  We decided to have the 6 course taster menu. For me it was a real treat as I am an adventurous eater. Michael however likes his food pretty straight forward and without too many frills.  So it was a different birthday experience for him, tasting the likes of Asian pork belly with aubergine jam, seafood veloute, sirloin with marrow and tongue jus, cauliflower cream and broccoli rabe (and the bits of sorbet between courses).
It was a lovely evening, with great service and we were made to feel very special. 

My picture does not do this sirloin dish justice.  
It was the best steak we had ever tasted.

There was to be no birthday party but I managed to wangle in a family birthday dinner on Sunday.  I had a bit of fun as well getting everyone to give a few reasons why they love Michael and put it together to make table mats for the dinner.

Kelly's one was priceless.  "Trust me, at the most you look 60!".  Trust her Michael, she may be the youngest of the lot, but she knows stuff.

After the rains on the weekend, on Sunday afternoon things cleared and we had a perfect autumn evening and beautiful sunset sky for the "non-party" dinner.

A good evening and nice end to the weekend.

So hard to believe that tomorrow is the start of another weekend and the end of March.  It is our turn to go to wedding on Saturday.  I love weddings!!

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